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Start working in the addiction recovery field in as little as 4 Months with our online CASAC education and training program today. 

Educational Enhancement offers 350 hybrid clock hours of OASAS Approved online CASAC home study courses to empower your professional development.

Build a career you love, do work that matters, helping those struggling in the throes of addiction and their families.

Encourage. Educate. Empower.

Online CASAC Home Study is hereForget Classes and Webinars.
Hybrid CASAC Education and Training is Here!


In the past, when you wanted to pursue a career as an addiction professional, you had to hustle from work to a stuffy old classroom.

CASACs already working in the field remember:

  • hustling out of work to get to the training facility,
  • choking down fast during the first 30 minutes of class,
  • worrying about their children at home,
  • And the looming threat of getting home at 11 PM so you could get in bed before you had to wake up and do it all again. 

Where did they find the time?

Studying in situations like these creates stress. And face it, most of us are already stressed out enough.

Why pay money to add more stress? 

If you’re anything like me, you might never feel comfortable studying in an environment of your peers.

Do you tend to get distracted?

  • Other participants who are not there to learn
  • Being forced to listen to the same student talk about themselves
  • Instructors going off on tangent after tangent
  • Students who dominate class discussions.


The COVID-19 pandemic forced us all indoors. Technology became our answer. People started working and studying from home.

The addiction recovery field found a workaround with telehealth and training programs switched to webinars.

So if you’re interested in getting your initial 350 education and training, you now have choices.

Most programs offer an in-person classroom or 350 webinar-based virtual training options. However, both of these options do not put you in control of your education and training.

Educational Enhancement CASAC Online is the first CASAC training provider to offer you a hybrid training environment. When you choose us, you can study at your own pace and over 125 hours of instructor-led virtual strength-building workshops.

You will still contend with the same issues listed above:

  • Instructor’s drone on and on.
  • Most of the students don’t participate.
  • There are always a few who monopolize the day’s lesson talking about themselves and how they will be great clinicians because they got sober and then helped their Aunt Martha stop drinking, too.
  • Don’t worry. Our virtual webinar facilitators will not allow students to drone on and on and waste their precious time. Our virtual webinars were created for one reason: to enhance your addiction counseling skills.

Studying like this causes your days to melt into one another, especially after working all day.

But because you want a career in the addiction recovery field, you’ll continue to drag your tired self to class.

You show up and do your best to listen, but the same monotonous educational experience breaks you down.

At some point, you’ll count hours like a prisoner whose sentence is close to completion. 

It’s important to note that programs offer virtual training (webinar-based only)or in-person training programs that do not allow you to miss any classroom time.

So if you have to take a couple of hours

  • for an appointment,
  • to tend to a sick family member, or
  • take your car to the mechanic

you will not get credit for the time you were in the session that day. For example, if you sit in the virtual training for 7 hours one day and have to leave an hour early for an emergency, you will not get credit for that day at all. It’s all or nothing.

Let’s review what other CASAC education and training providers program entails:

  • Jammed in a room or Zoom session for 8 hours daily with 25 -30 classmates who might or might not care about CASAC education and training.  
  • If you opt to go to the classroom, you’ll still have to contend with the threat of COVID-19 or other viruses or infections.
  • Attending webinars that span an entire day creates exhaustion and does not facilitate learning
  • No flexibility. You have to be ready to start when the class starts. You cannot leave early if you want credit for the day.
  • Contending with students who monopolize the training. 
  • Instructors love students who are long-winded. Students who can talk about themselves for hours reduce the trainer’s actual workload. Hell, some facilitators hope they have several students like this in every training, so they don’t have to work so hard. 
  • Stress. Burn-out. And feeling overwhelmed.
  • Loss of family time
  • Loss of sleep
  • Hustling out of work to get to the training facility or Zoom webinar
  • Choking down fast during the first 30 minutes of class
  • Worrying about their children at home
  • Losing interest in the coursework
  • A feeling of not learning anything
  • Knowing you are ill-prepared to entire the field and work with clients


Before I tell you about how Educational Enhancement CASAC Online has a better alternative for you, I’d like to tell you about my journey into becoming an Advanced CASAC in NYS.

When I took my initial 350 hours, I had 2 choices.

  1. Daily (8 hours) for 3 months
  2. Or from 6 PM – 10 PM, 2 times a week for 11 months.

I opted for the second choice. I went to school 2 nights a week for 11 months because I knew I couldn’t handle anything more.  FTR: I wasn’t working, hell, I was homeless at the time, but I knew classroom situations like these were not conducive to how I learned. Unfortunately, at the time, it was my only choice. 

Before deciding to become a certified drug counselor in NYS, I had completed work on several degrees. I had worked on a traditional associate’s degree, which was entirely focused on in-classroom discussion. I took several years off before deciding to start studying for a bachelor’s degree.

At this time, technology had progressed to a point where a new learning format was available – online education. I couldn’t take all my courses online, but my electives were allowed to be entirely online, so I enrolled in several courses. I was hesitant at first but decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did because I did well in this form of higher education.

Self-directed and Hybrid educational training

The classes I took online were self-directed and self-paced. Each week’s assignments were posted. I would do the reading and complete the assignment. The assignment was then posted in a forum for other students to read. Each week, I had to react to 3 other student assignments and respond to any reactions my peers left of my coursework. 

I was sold on online education after earning a master’s degree. I opted into the hybrid program once I was accepted into the master’s program of my choosing.  

I continue to take the training online to renew my professional certifications and choose hybrid self-paced learning opportunities whenever available. 

When I wrote Educational Enhancements Online CASAC home study program, I wrote it in a way that would benefit the students learning experiences. The program allows students to work independently without getting overwhelmed and stressed out. Because I felt I benefited from instructor-led virtual training, we decided to offer you this learning experience. We have added a new feature that allows our students to enhance their counseling strengths and skills. On Saturdays and Sundays, you will now have additional virtual instructor-led training in Sections 2 and 3. We feel doing this will allow you to

  • understand the knowledge you have gained fully,
  • get hands-on practice to strengthen counseling skills, and
  • have direct access to an instructor to answer any questions you have.

Take advantage of these workshops they will only strengthen your clinical abilities.

We want you to have the best education and training experience. Our students enter the field with confidence and knowledge of the substance use counseling field.

When you choose Educational Enhancement CASAC Online, you not only get the required 350 hours of substance use counselor education and training.

You get a team of educators ready to shape you into a clinician any program would be grateful to employ. Your self-study, self-paced online CASAC home study program is only 1 click away.

You never have to worry about being on time or forced into a webinar to complete your coursework.

We put your online CASAC home study program in your hands.  

You will always get guidance from professional addiction counselors to help answer your questions about training and course material, plus how to apply the knowledge you learn.

Our program provides you with an environment conducive to developing the strengths and skills needed to:

  • Reduce harm from substance use
  • Educate people with use disorders, their families and loved ones, and the communities in which you live and work about the dangers of substance use.
  • Educate and prevent your communities and the people who live there from developing use disorders
  • Motivate your clients to change and understand that change can lead to them finding fulfillment in a life of recovery
  • Prepare and create a plan to address the recurrence of the use
  • Shape you into a culturally competent, skilled addiction professional.

Are you ready to commit to a career that sustains your family, reshapes, rebuilds, and saves other families?


Benefits of Learning

Added Flexibility

Never leave the office early or skip family dinner.
Create your own schedule for learning and study.

Hybrid Self-Paced Learning

Dive deeper into the course material at your own pace. Never feel uncomfortable or unsure.  Reread the workbook,  pause the video, or schedule 1 on 1 guidance for your trainer. Master your education at your own pace. New 100 hours of instructor-led virtual training.

Demonstrated Self-Motivation

Earning your 350-Hour certificate online requires commitment, determination, and motivation. These qualities will make you shine when you enter the workforce.

Fewer distractions

Schedule your time for study and show up and learn. Give your undivided attention to the material. No more instructor tangents or fellow students interrupting the lectures.

Refined Critical Thinking Skills

Studying online encourages you to create your path towards success. It facilitates self-awareness, critical and objective thinking. And these thought processes will aid in your ability to ‘think outside the box’ when counseling.

Two Ways to Register for Online CASAC Home Study Courses from Educational Enhancement

One Simple Payment

1. Follow the link below

2. Fill out the order form

3. Make your payment

4. And begin to pursue your life-changing career goal

3 Equal Payments

1. Follow the link below

2. Register for the 3 payment plan

3. Make your first payment today

4. And become the CHANGE our communities need

About Educational Enhancement

Now more than ever, the addiction field needs you. We designed our online CASAC home study training program with you in mind. Learn at your own pace, and study when and where you want. Our new hybrid training model provides strength and skills-building webinars focussed on your individual and group counseling skills. We will also address screening and assessment, documentation treatment, and discharge planning during our live calls. Our team of professional addiction counselors and educators is available to answer all your questions and to motivate you to keep moving forward.
Be the change we need.

What Students are Saying…

I’m probably one of the first students trained for the 350 hours of training.  I was confident when I went for my exam and passed on my first try.  I have been using them for re-credentialing since.  Everyone I have referred has been very happy with the Educational Enhancement’s CASAC Training and Renewal program.
Malin Falu

Director , The PAC Program

I have been looking for online CASAC at your pace for more than two years. I came across this program last year, and I am so glad that, as a full-time worker, I can do this course at my own pace and in my comfort zone at an affordable price compared to what colleges will take. Thank you all for making this course available for people like me. Looking forward to achieving excellent knowledge from this program. Thanks


CASAC Student

My stepsons’ struggles with drugs and alcohol ended badly. So, I decided to become a
CASAC addiction counselor to make a difference. I was fortunate to discover Educational
Enhancement’s online addiction counseling training. Their mission is to “ENCOURAGE.
EDUCATE. EMPOWER.” And, they exceeded their promise with an approved, web-based
education and training program that embraces learning principles. It made learning fun and
efficient.  Their training included modules containing
workbooks, PDFs, links to resources, and videos. And their test questions helped me feel
prepared to pass the CASAC exam. Thanks to their support, I completed my
coursework ahead of schedule.
I’ve spent a substantial portion of my career in the knowledge business, teaching college and
grad students, accountants, and attorneys. Additionally, as a director of training and
development for my Behavioral Consulting firm, I’ve trained many employees. So, I’m
speaking from experience when I say that Maria Mendez, John Makohen, and their Educational
Enhancement team is doing a great job changing the world — one addiction counselor at a
time. BRAVO!

— Burton M. Fischler


What can I say about Educational Enhancement?  They helped me to become a CASAC. The training programs were informative, easy for me to understand and the trainers were excellent.  I still call them when I have a question about training programs, re-credential requirements, and what’s new in the field.  I highly recommend Educational Enhancement to anyone seeking CASAC training.

Charles Odugbesan


Educational Enhancement was a great choice for my CASAC  education and training!  Overall, the training setup made a lot of sense to me. It flowed smoothly, especially with all the information-packed inside.  I never felt overwhelmed. I did well on the tests, even in the areas I thought I would struggle in.

Zachary Stamp

Student CASAC and LMHC

CASAC Section 1

85 clock hours related to the:

  • Basic Knowledge
  • Overview of Addiction
  • Diagnostic criteria
  • Diversity of SUD treatment and interventions;
  • Toxicology Testing;
  • Knowledge of the 12 Steps and Mutual Aide

CASAC Section 2

150 clock hours related to the following:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Foundations of Counseling:
  • Counseling Special Populations/ Cultural Competence
  • Counseling Families and Significant Others
  • Theories of Human Development
  • Crisis Management
  • Integrated Care
  • Relapse Prevention

 This section includes 75 hours of facilitated clinical strengthened skill-building sessions.

CASAC Section 3

70 clock hours related to the following:

  • Screening, Assessment, and Evaluation
  • Treatment Planning, Client Record Keeping, and Discharge Planning 
  • Case Management
  • Patient, Family, and Community Education and Prevention

 This section includes 50 hours of facilitated clinical strengthened skill-building sessions.

CASAC Section 4

45 clock hours related to the following:

  • Counselor-Client Relationships
  • Ethical Decision-Making & Conduct
  • Confidentiality/Legal Issues
  • Professional Development-
  • Counselor Wellness 


More Student Testimonials…

I recently finished OASAS CASAC Section 4 with Educational Enhancement CASAC online. The classes are wonderfully written out and are easy to understand. You can feel the passion for helping others succeed put into this work. When I asked questions about the information, Johnny was quick to reply and help me out. The trainings were set up so I could work at my own speed -between work and school. The information went above and beyond and taught in a way that sticks in your mind. Thank you. I will come back for renewal hours once I’m a CASAC.
Allie Patat

CASAC Student

As part of my application for CASAC certification, I participated in 15 hours of additional training through Educational Enhancement. I found the courses very well-prepared and delivered and received important information from them very useful in my work in addiction counseling. I appreciate the professionalism and efficiency of setting up the training needed and processing my completion certificate. I will certainly recommend this site and these courses to my peers and the director of my program.


Get Your Substance Abuse Counselor Certificate Today

Educational Enhancement CASAC Online helps you learn or refresh your addiction counseling knowledge and skills that you need to have the most significant impact on the populations you’ll serve.

Our online training courses provide you with high-quality, affordable education and training in the comfort of your home, favorite cafe, or anywhere you choose to study.

Once you purchase your training, you’ll receive an email with your access code, login, and begin. Your courses are available 24/7, and all educational materials are provided with your purchase—no hidden fees. Once you finish the complete training and the final assessment, you’ll receive your certificate of completion.

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Free guide to addiction counselor (CASAC) credentialing

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Are you ready to launch your career in addiction counseling?

Not only does our FREE guide will erase all doubts about the addiction counseling credentialing process, but it also dives deep into NYS certification-CASAC.

Educational Enhancement is an OASAS approved CASAC training provider (#0415).

We also accept ACCESS-VR (formerly VESID) as payment for those who qualify. 


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Free guide to addiction counselor (CASAC) credentialing

Get Your Free Guide With Newsletter Subscription

Are you ready to launch your career in addiction counseling?

Not only does our FREE guide will erase all doubts about the addiction counseling credentialing process, but it also dives deep into NYS certification-CASAC.

Educational Enhancement is an OASAS approved CASAC training provider (#0415).

We also accept ACCESS-VR (formerly VESID) as payment for those who qualify. 


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