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Online Addiction Counselor
Training Courses Available Now.

A group of people walk buy a sign that shows a sign for an online addiction counselor ethical decision making training

This online addiction counselor training course covers the practical application of ethical principles and ethical decision-making when addressing various situations from day-to-day operations. The topics reviewed during the online CASAC renewal training include the ethics of professional relationships, referrals, confidentiality,  documentation, and more. Learn to act ethically with integrity.
(9 Credit Hours)


Online CASAC training course workbooks piled up

This CASAC online training improves the outcomes of your clients by keeping you informed about the ever-changing addiction recovery industry. Stay up to date on the major classes of drugs and alcohol, current trends in use, the disease concept, genetics and the brain, an introduction to the BioPsychoSocial Model, and more.   
(27 Credit Hours)


A woman with a painted face shows the diversity of online addiction counselor training courses

This online addiction counselor training course is designed to improve your ability to understand, communicate with, and interact with people across special populations and diverse cultures. Refresh your self-awareness, worldview, and attitude towards diverse special populations. Gain knowledge of different cultural practices and utilize culturally competent counseling skills.
(24 Credit Hours).

Two students practice an individual counseling session while studying CASAC online training

In this CASAC online course, you will gain knowledge of various treatment interventions utilized by drug counselors. The online training aims to help you select wisely from various theories and counseling approaches. Interventions covered include –Person-Centered TX, Motivational Interviewing, MET, Cognitive Behavioral, Humanistic,  Existential, Alternative Therapies, MAT, and more.
(20 Credit Hours)


Two women meet to discuss CASAC online renewal of their addiction counseling credentials.

Foundations of counseling is an online addiction counselor training course covering the essentials of alcohol and substance abuse counseling. Topics include counselor communication skills; qualities, and techniques to overcome barriers to recovery, and relapse prevention. This online CASAC renewal also covers stages of change; ambivalence,  and the biological, psychological, social, emotional, and spiritual aspects of recovery.
(27 Credit Hours)


A group of students practice group counseling during online addiction counselor training

In the online CASAC training Group Counseling, you will learn group dynamics, leadership qualities, style, skills, techniques, and interventions used in group settings. This course also includes ways to avoid the most common mistakes, and how to handle common problems in group therapy sessions, stages of group theory development, and the tasks used at different stages.
(25 Credit Hours)

A man sits overlooking the valley and contemplates his online addiction counseling training

This online CASAC training offers the history of Alcohol and drugs; concepts related to theory, research, practice, and faith-based treatment approaches; the basic concepts of social, political, economic, cultural systems, and impact on drug-taking activity; risk and protection factors; the continuum of addiction services; and the continuum of drug use.
(28 Credit Hours)


Two gears Gears working together as a symbol of relapse prevention CASAC online renewal.

Our relapse prevention online addiction counselor training course defines triggers, cravings, obstacles,  and high-risk situations your clients struggle with on the road to recovery.  It will introduce the different stages of recovery and the different stage-specific tasks in relapse prevention planning.  Our training will you improve patient outcomes.
(15 Credit Hours)


A man sits at a computer to begin his Online Addiction Counselor Training CASAC 350 years

Earn 350 CASAC training hours online to satisfy the educational requirement of your addictions counselor credential and begin to:

  • Encourage and motivate clients to commit to change.
  • Educating clients to understand the debilitating effects of a substance use disorder.
  • Empower clients to take ownership of and responsibility for their own actions, helping them regain control of their lives and the choices they make (350 credit hours)

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