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60 CASAC CEUS and More

Gain 60 CASAC continuing education units and more by joining our addiction counselor professional development community

Joining the NYS CASAC Professional Development Community offers several benefits for members involved in addiction counseling:

Continuous Professional Development:

Access to a wide range of resources including bi-weekly newsletters with the latest industry news, wellness tips, and therapeutic techniques which are essential for staying updated with the latest developments in addiction counseling.

Self-Structured Learning Environment: 

Regular updates to course content and scheduled content releases help members keep track of their learning and ensure they are up-to-date with new strategies and interventions.

Networking Opportunities: 

The community provides a platform to connect with like-minded professionals across New York State, fostering relationships that can lead to collaborative opportunities, mutual support, and shared knowledge.

Supportive Community Culture: 

Encouragement to share experiences and offer support within a culture of respect, empathy, and professional integrity enhances personal growth and professional excellence.

Empowerment to Make a Difference: 

Being part of a community committed to positively impacting the lives of those affected by addiction increases both personal satisfaction and professional efficacy.

Don’t Just Earn 60 CASAC CEUS

Thrive with a Community That Cares!

Membership includes:

60 CASAC CEUs for OASAS Credential Renewal

You can fulfill your 60 CASAC continuing education requirements with ease. Our community offers up to 60 CASAC CEUs annually towards your OASAS credential renewal, ensuring you remain compliant and informed with the latest practices in the field.

Interactive Community Platform

Connect, share, and collaborate with fellow CASACs across New York State. This space allows you to engage in meaningful discussions, exchange ideas, and support one another in a dynamic environment.

Bi-Weekly Newsletter

Stay informed with our newsletter, delivered straight to your inbox every two weeks. It features the latest industry news, updates on drugs and drug culture, and insightful articles curated specifically for substance abuse counselors.

Monthly Group Therapy Topics and Formats

Discover innovative group therapy topics and formats to implement into SUD treatment. These resources enhance your group therapy sessions and provide fresh perspectives and approaches..

Counselor Wellness Tips

Because your well-being is as important as your professional development, our newsletter includes dedicated sections on counselor wellness to help you maintain balance and thrive both personally and professionally.


Purpose of this community

Our community aims to provide a platform for NYS CASACs to interact, share knowledge, and learn from each other. We also offer resources for counselor wellness and group therapy topics. Plus, you can earn CEUs towards your OASAS credential renewal.

How to earn CEUs from us

You can earn up to 60 CEUs towards credential renewal as part of your membership enrollment. You earn the 60 CEUs by completing the self-study OASAS Approved Addiction Counselors courses available in your membership dashboard. 
Image of a student in educational enhancements CASAC training online working at his own pace and schedule.


You must already possess an OASAS CASAC Credential to join this community of addiction professionals.

You cannot use the NYS CASAC Professional Development Community to receive Initial CASAC Credentialing Hours.

Our Guarantee

We’re confident that you’ll find our training enjoyable. Yet, if it doesn’t resonate with you, there’s no need to fret. Within the next 15 days, a full refund is there for the taking.

If you leave the community during this period, you will not receive any certificates for credential renewal.

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Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your skills, renew your credentials affordably, and connect with like-minded professionals. Join today and be part of a community that’s as passionate as you are about making a difference!

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Educational Enhancement is an OASAS approved CASAC training provider (#0415).

We also accept ACCESS-VR (formerly VESID) as payment for those who qualify. 


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