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Take The First Step Towards Your Tennessee Alcohol and Drug Counselor Credential (CADC Credentialing / LADC Credentialing) with our Online Substance Abuse Certification Education and Training.

Educational Enhancement offers 270 clock hours of online CADC Credential or LADC Credential education and training. Our online addiction counseling courses empower your professional development. Embark on a fulfilling career with Tennessee’s alcohol and drug counselor credential online educational program.

Enhance your skills, master the 12 core functions of substance abuse counseling, and work towards reducing the trauma and consequences of substance use disorder in Tennessee.

Encourage. Educate. Empower.

Tennessee Alcohol & Drug Abuse Certification Board approves Educational Enhancement as an approved CADC education provider.

Official logo of the Tennessee Certification Board featuring the emblems for Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC) certifications. The image presents a professional and authoritative design, symbolizing the state's commitment to quality substance abuse counseling and the rigorous standards upheld by Tennessee's health professional boards

The Roles of LADC (Licensed) or CADC (Credentialed) Substance Use Counselors in Tennessee

Substance use disorders are a significant and growing challenge in our communities. The number of individuals seeking support for their recovery journey is increasing, highlighting the critical need for compassionate substance abuse counselors.

Each state has established guidelines for becoming a CADC-credentialing or LADC-certified substance use counselor in Tennessee, regardless of location. These guidelines are often updated to reflect the best practices in care and support.

If you’re motivated to contribute positively to the lives of individuals navigating substance use disorders, the pathway to licensure is open to you. Typically, states require a combination of educational qualifications, passing scores on relevant examinations, and a period of practical experience under the guidance of a licensed counselor.

For aspiring CADC-credentialing or LADC-certified substance use counselors in Tennessee, specific state requirements will guide you on this noble path.

Your dedication to understanding and meeting these requirements furthers your professional journey and significantly impacts the well-being and recovery of many who need compassionate guidance and support.

Pursuing a career as a substance use counselor with LADC Certification or CADC Credentialing in Tennessee

Pursuing a career as a CADC-certified or LADC-certified substance use counselor in Tennessee is challenging yet profoundly impactful. In this role, you’re positioned to support and guide individuals navigating substance use disorders and extend your influence to the broader community.

Many, if not all, people are indirectly affected by substance use disorders—through friends, family members, or colleagues.

These relationships can be strained and complicated by the associated challenges. Additionally, communities often feel the ripple effects in various forms.

As a CADC-credentialed or LADC-certified substance use counselor in Tennessee, you are empowered to contribute to healing, understanding, and positive change, touching lives far beyond the counseling room.

Responsibilities of Aspiring LADC Certification and CADC Credentialing for Substance Use Counselor in Tenessee


As a CADC-credentialing or LADC-certified substance use counselor in Tenessee, your fundamental role is to support individuals as they navigate the complexities that have led to their substance use. This support can manifest in various forms, including facilitating group therapy sessions, conducting family therapy, or providing one-on-one counseling.

Your day may encompass diverse activities in a drug rehabilitation setting.

Mornings might be dedicated to meeting with clients individually.

At the same time, afternoons could involve group activities such as educational sessions on relapse prevention, understanding the impact of psychoactive substances, or developing life skills.

Some counselors might incorporate complementary practices like yoga or meditation to support holistic healing.


Are you Suitable for Substance Use Counselor, LADC certification, or CADC certification in Tennessee? 


The substance use counseling field is as varied as the individuals it serves. Reflect on your motivations for entering this profession.

While the demand for qualified counselors is high, it requires a deep personal commitment and emotional resilience.

Balancing empathy with professional detachment is crucial to maintaining an objective perspective while providing compassionate care.

It’s essential to approach each individual with an attitude of understanding and non-judgment, recognizing that while certain behaviors may be harmful, they do not define the person.

Your role involves looking beyond the behaviors of the individual, supporting them in healing from the shame and challenges associated with their experiences.

Envision various scenarios and assess whether you can balance empathy and professionalism to guide individuals towards a healthier and happier life.


Aspiring CADC certification and LADC ceritfcation  students role playing as part of their addiction councelor courses and educational substance use counselor training course.

“Counselors who treat people with substance use disorders do life-changing work daily. The diversity of backgrounds and types of preparation can be a strength, provided there is a common foundation from which counselors work. Workforce development is essential to the field of substance use disorder treatment.”

U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Tenessee LADC I or II / CADC I & II or Certification Online Education and Training


Are you looking to become a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC-credentialing; I & II) in Tennessee?

Then you came to the right place.

On this page, we will

1. Define what CADC credentialing is.

2. What is required to receive the esteemed Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor Certificate (CADC Credentialing)


Explore the key differences between Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC) and Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) certifications in Tennessee. This comprehensive chart provides an insightful comparison of the educational requirements, scope of practice, and career paths associated with each certification, helping aspiring counselors make informed decisions about their professional journey

Requirements for CADC Certification

Become a transformative force in Alcohol and Drug Counseling, guided by the prestigious global standards of the International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC).

Your path to making a difference is evident in Tennessee, with two distinct routes the Tennessee Certification Board offers: CADC I and CADC II.

Select your path:

  • CADC I: Launch your career with a High School Diploma/GED.
  • CADC II: Elevate your impact with a Bachelor’s degree in a behavioral health-related field (Note: A non-related degree? No problem, start with CADC I).

Requirements for LADC Certification

By Tennessee regulations, you can achieve the status of a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor (LADC), which is categorized into two distinct levels, I and II. You can qualify for Level I with or without a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.

On the other hand, Level II is exclusively for individuals who hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree, offering the opportunity to engage in private practice and providing a broader scope for professional innovation and versatility.

Educational Requirements for Both LADC and CADC for Substance Use Counselor Certification in Tennessee:

To obtain  LADC or CADC Certification in Tennessee, you must satisfy the state’s education requirements at either level I or II.

Those include 270 clock hours of classroom training in the  12 Core Functions of Substance Use Counseling. 

Your education should cover the following domains:

1. Screening: Identifying potential substance use issues through assessments and interviews to determine the need for further evaluation.

2. Intake: Gathering comprehensive information about the client’s history, substance use, and treatment goals to create a personalized plan.

3. Orientation: Educating clients about the counseling process, their rights, and what to expect during treatment.

4. Assessment: To develop an effective treatment plan, evaluate the client’s specific needs, strengths, and challenges.

5. Treatment Planning: Collaborating with the client to set achievable goals and define the recovery steps.

6. Counseling: Providing individual or group therapy sessions to address substance use issues, mental health, and coping strategies.

7. Case Management: Coordinating various services and resources to support the client’s recovery journey.

8. Crisis Intervention: Assisting clients in managing and resolving immediate crises related to substance abuse.

9. Client Education: Providing information on substance abuse, its consequences, and strategies for relapse prevention.

10. Referral: Identifying and connecting clients with other services, such as medical or psychiatric treatment, as needed.

11. Reports and Record Keeping: Maintaining accurate records of client progress and treatment plans to ensure accountability and continuity of care.

12. Consultation with Other Professionals: Collaborating with medical, legal, and other professionals to provide comprehensive care for clients.


3. How can Educational Enhancement get you started along your career path and professional development in the field of alcohol and substance use counseling (CADC credentialing) in Tennessee?


Educational Enhancement has just the program for you!

With our Tennessee Alcohol and Drug Counselor CADC Certification (CADC 1 & 2) or (LADC I or II) approved program, you can achieve your educational requirements in as little as 6 months.

We are approved by the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Certification Board of Tennessee (TCB), ensuring that our program meets all the necessary standards.

We understand that life can be busy, so we offer flexible online options to fit your schedule.

Let us support you in positively impacting the lives of individuals struggling with addiction.

With our convenient and flexible distance learning addiction education format, you can complete your initial and continuing education requirements right from home.

You can work at your own pace or complete the TCB Accredited CADC and LADC certification programs in just 6 months.

Our experienced team is dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel as an addiction counseling professional in Tennessee.

Join Educational Enhancement today and take the next step toward becoming a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor in Tennessee.

At Educational Enhancement CASAC Online, we’ve designed a self-paced, online TCB-approved CADC I or II or LADC I or II Certification program.

Whether you’re just starting and need to meet the initial 270-hour certification requirements or are a seasoned pro seeking professional development, our program will satisfy your needs without all the fuss or hustling to a crowded classroom after a long day’s work.

Not sure where to begin or have questions about the Tennessee substance abuse counselor certification process?

Don’t worry – our team is here to support you every step of the way. We’re dedicated to providing answers and helping you achieve your goal of becoming a substance abuse counselor in Tennessee.

Join us today and unlock your potential as a compassionate and impactful substance abuse counselor. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

Official logo of the Tennessee Certification Board featuring the emblems for Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC) certifications. The image presents a professional and authoritative design, symbolizing the state's commitment to quality substance abuse counseling and the rigorous standards upheld by Tennessee's health professional boards

Educational Enhancement’2 270 Hour CADC  Credentialing and Certification or LADC Certification Substance Use Counselor Education and Training Program

CADC / LADC I or II Section 1 (70 Hours):

  1. Physical, Psychological, and Pharmacological Effects
  2. Overview of Addiction
  3. Introduction to Diagnostic Criteria (NAADAC) 
  4. Diversity of Intervention and Treatment Approaches (NAADAC) 
  5. Knowledge of 12-Step and Mutual Aid Groups
  6. Toxicology Testing

CADC / LADC I or II Section 2 (100 Hours):

  1. Foundational Counseling Skills
  2. Individual Counseling
  3. Group Counseling
  4. Special Population/Cultural Competence
  5. Integrated Care
  6. Recurrence of Symptoms / Relapse Prevention

CADC / LADC I or II Section 3 (50 Hours):

  1. Assessment and Evaluation
  2. Treatment Planning and Client Records
  3. HIV, Communicable Diseases, and Substance Use
  4. Harm Reduction

CADC / LADC I or II Section 4 (50 Hours):

  1. Counselor Client Relationship
  2. NAADAC Ethics
  3. Confidentiality/Legal Issues
  4. Professional Development
  5. Counselor Wellness
  6. Telehealth in Substance Use Counseling

** Note: Your purchase today includes educational materials, workbooks, videos, access to a credentialed instructor, and assessments. You’ll receive a certificate of completion once you complete either the 270 education and Training program.

Three Ways to Register for Online Tennessee CADC Certification I & II or LADC Certification I or II 

Pay In Full $1,500.00

1. Follow the link below

2. Fill out the registration form

3. Make your payment.

4. And begin your Tennessee CADC training today.

3 Equal Payments $567.00/month

1. Click the button below

2. Fill out the 3-Tier registration form

3. Make your payment.

4. And begin your Tennessee CADC  training today.

6-12 payments

as low as $130/month

1. Follow the link below to the registration form

2. Fill out the form, then choose AfterPay

3. Register and submit to soft credit check. Then

4. Begin your training

Official logo of the Tennessee Certification Board featuring the emblems for Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC) certifications. The image presents a professional and authoritative design, symbolizing the state's commitment to quality substance abuse counseling and the rigorous standards upheld by Tennessee's health professional boards

CADC Credentialing and Certification / LADC Certification Renewal and Professional Development CEUS

Your commitment to excellence and ongoing professional development as a dedicated drug counselor in Tennessee is paramount.

Every two years, the Tennessee Certification Board (TCB) champions this cause by mandating recertification—a vital checkpoint to ensure your skills remain sharp and informed by the latest advancements in the field. Here’s how you can continue making a profound difference:

  1. Engage in 40 Hours of Tailored Learning: Dive into any IC&RC ADC domain that sparks your interest or meets your professional needs, including 6 essential hours revisiting the core principles of counselor ethics.
  2. Timely Completion: All continuing education must be wrapped up within the 2 years between your most recent certification and the upcoming expiration date. Remember, each training can only count once towards your CADC hours, so keep pushing your boundaries.
  3. Document Your Journey: Whether it’s a seminar or a conference, secure a record of your participation and completion. This documentation is your testament to growth and learning.
  4. Stay Financially Current: A renewal fee of $150 ensures your continued access to TCB’s support and resources.
  5. Online Recertification: Complete and submit your online recertification application well before the deadline, preferably 30 days in advance, to avoid any lapse in your certification.
  6. Report and Update: While a new background check isn’t a standard requirement, reporting any changes that might impact your professional standing to the TCB is crucial.

By embracing these steps, you adhere to the TCB’s standards and reinforce your unwavering commitment to those you serve.

Together, let’s continue to elevate the field of drug counseling in Tennessee, one ethical, informed decision at a time.

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Current OASAS & NAADAC Approved
Addiction Counselor Course Offerings

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Education and Training  Store


The TCB accepts Educational Enhancement distance learning course credits because we are a NAADAC-approved education provider. Provider #254148.

OASAC approved distance learning CASAC training provider.
Official logo of the Tennessee Certification Board featuring the emblems for Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC) certifications. The image presents a professional and authoritative design, symbolizing the state's commitment to quality substance abuse counseling and the rigorous standards upheld by Tennessee's health professional boards
NAADAC approved distance learning addiction counselor training provider.

About Educational Enhancement

Now more than ever, the addiction field needs you. Our TCB-approved 270-hour online CADC education program was designed with you in mind.

Learn at your own pace, and study when and where you want. Our team of professional addiction counselors and educators is available to answer all your questions and to motivate you to keep moving forward.


Benefits of Earning the Tennessee CADC/LADC Credential

Added Flexibility

Never leave the office early, commute through hours of traffic, or skip family dinner.
Create your Georgia CADC 1 or 2 educational and training schedule.

Self-Paced Learning

Dive deeper into the course material at your own pace. Never feel uncomfortable or unsure.  Reread the workbook,  pause the video or schedule 1 on 1 guidance w/ a trainer. Master your education at your own pace.

Demonstrated Self-Motivation

Earning your 300-Hour CADC certificate online requires commitment, determination, and motivation. These qualities will make you shine when you enter the workforce.

Fewer distractions

Schedule your time for study and show up and learn. Give your undivided attention to the material. No more instructor tangents or fellow students interrupting the lectures.

Refined Critical Thinking Skills

Studying online encourages you to create your path towards success. It facilitates self-awareness, critical and objective thinking. And these thought processes will aid in your ability to ‘think outside the box’ when counseling.
FAQ #1: How long do I have to wait to begin studying for my Tennessee CADC Certification

With our easy rolling admission, you can begin once you receive your confirmation email. At the time of your purchase, you’ll create your login and personal password. Once you receive your confirmation email, follow the link, sign in to your Educational Enhancement Dashboard,  and begin working towards your 270-hour CADC certification educational requirement.

FAQ #2: Do I get my CADC I or II as soon as I complete 270 hours of education?

No. You will not be a CADC I or II until you complete the work experience requirement and receive a passing grade on the IC and RC examinations. However you will be granted a certificate to begin working in the field immediately.


FAQ #3: What is the tuition cost for the Tennessee CADC Certification or LADC Certification program?

Our training costs $1500.00. This includes all training materials, training platforms, and certificates. It doesn’t include clinical supervision hours, a computer, tablet, pad, or other mobile devices or internet connections.

FAQ #4: Are these substance use counselor courses approved by the Tennessee TCB Board and NAADAC?

We have gone through the Alcohol & Drug Abuse Certification Board of Tennessee (TCB) and NAADAC’s extensive certification process. Our drug and alcohol counselor, education and training courses, are now approved by NAADAC and the TCB.
NAADAC approved education provider #254148.

FAQ #5: Do you offer different payment plans for this CADC certification program?

Yes, we do. For you to obtain your ADACBGA 300 approved educational hours, we have 3 payment plans for you to choose from:

1.  Payment of $1500: Click here

2.  3-Tier  Georgia CADC Certification Payment Plan $1700.00:

Make 3 equal payments of $567.00:

  1. 1st payment: Due on registration
  2. 2nd payment must be 30 days from the registration date
  3. 3rd payment is 60 days from the registration date

3. AfterPay up to 12-month payment plans if you qualify. Choose AfterPay at Checkout. 




FAQ #6: How do I get started on this Tennessee LADC / CADC certification educational platform?

First, choose which Payment Tier is good for you. (See FAQ #6 for the Payment Tiers).

Next, please complete the online registration form, pay, and submit it.

Check your email, and within 1 hour or considerably less, you will receive an email from us via KAJABI (our hosting platform) to log into your new Tennessee LADC/ CADC training. You can then begin.

FAQ #7: Is Educational Enhancement approved by the Alcohol & Drug Abuse Certification Board of Tennessee (TCB)?

Educational Enhancement CASAC Online received approval from the Alcohol & Drug Abuse Certification Board of Tennessee (TCB) onNovember 21, 2023.

FAQ #8: What are the benefits of taking Tennessee CADC Certification Online as opposed to a traditional in-class CADC educational program?

Taking the Tennessee CADC Certification Online offers the convenience of flexible scheduling and location, allowing you to study at your own pace from anywhere. It eliminates the need for commuting, provides cost savings, and accommodates busy schedules. Additionally, online programs often offer interactive resources and support, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Three Ways to Register for Online Tennessee CADC I & II Distance Learning with Educational Enhancement

Pay In Full

1. Follow the link below

2. Fill out the registration form

3. Make your payment.

4. And begin your Georgia CADC training today.

3 Equal Payments

1. Click the button below

2. Fill out the 3-Tier registration form

3. Make your payment.

4. And begin your Georgia CADC  training today.

Up to 12 payments with AfterPay

1. Follow the link below to the registration form

2. Fill out the form, then choose AfterPay

3. Register and submit to soft credit check. Then

4. Begin your training

What Students are Saying…

I have been looking for online CASAC at your pace for more than two years. I came across this program last year, and I am so glad that, as a full-time worker, I can do this course at my own pace and in my comfort zone at an affordable price compared to what colleges will take. Thank you all for making this course available for people like me. Looking forward to achieving excellent knowledge from this program. Thanks


CASAC Student

My stepsons’ struggles with drugs and alcohol ended badly. So, I decided to become a
CASAC addiction counselor to make a difference. I was fortunate to discover Educational
Enhancement’s online addiction counseling training. Their mission is to “ENCOURAGE.
EDUCATE. EMPOWER.” And, they exceeded their promise with an approved, web-based
education and training program that embraces learning principles. It made learning fun and
efficient.  Their training included modules containing
workbooks, PDFs, links to resources, and videos. And their test questions helped me feel
prepared to pass the CASAC exam. Thanks to their support, I completed my
coursework ahead of schedule.
I’ve spent a substantial portion of my career in the knowledge business, teaching college and
grad students, accountants, and attorneys. Additionally, as a director of training and
development for my Behavioral Consulting firm, I’ve trained many employees. So, I’m
speaking from experience when I say that Maria Mendez, John Makohen, and their Educational
Enhancement team is doing a great job changing the world — one addiction counselor at a
time. BRAVO!

— Burton M. Fischler


What can I say about Educational Enhancement?  They helped me to become a CASAC. The training programs were informative, easy for me to understand and the trainers were excellent.  I still call them when I have a question about training programs, re-credential requirements, and what’s new in the field.  I highly recommend Educational Enhancement to anyone seeking CASAC training.

Charles Odugbesan


Educational Enhancement was a great choice for my CASAC  education and training!  Overall, the training setup made a lot of sense to me. It flowed smoothly, especially with all the information-packed inside.  I never felt overwhelmed. I did well on the tests, even in the areas I thought I would struggle in.

Zachary Stamp

Student CASAC and LMHC

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This course is not just comprehensive but exceptionally well-written. I’ve absorbed a wealth of knowledge and I’m truly grateful for the dedication and hard work that’s gone into crafting this exceptional learning experience. Kind regards, as always

— Linda Belsten Ph.D

CASAC 350 Graduate

More Student Testimonials…

I recently finished OASAS CASAC Section 4 with Educational Enhancement CASAC online. The classes are wonderfully written out and are easy to understand. You can feel the passion for helping others succeed put into this work. When I asked questions about the information, Johnny was quick to reply and help me out. The trainings were set up so I could work at my own speed -between work and school. The information went above and beyond and taught in a way that sticks in your mind. Thank you. I will come back for renewal hours once I’m a CASAC.
Allie Patat

CASAC Student

I’m probably one of the first students trained for the 350 hours of training.  I was confident when I went for my exam and passed on my first try.  I have been using them for re-credentialing since.  Everyone I have referred has been very happy with the Educational Enhancement’s CASAC Training and Renewal program.
Malin Falu

Director , The PAC Program

As part of my application for CASAC certification, I participated in 15 hours of additional training through Educational Enhancement. I found the courses very well-prepared and delivered and received important information from them very useful in my work in addiction counseling. I appreciate the professionalism and efficiency of setting up the training needed and processing my completion certificate. I will certainly recommend this site and these courses to my peers and the director of my program.


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If you have a question about Georgia CADC 1 or 2 clinical supervision or any other Georgia CADC certification questions, ask it here.
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Start Your Tennessee CADC 1 or 2 Counselor Certification Today

Are you ready to take your addiction counseling skills to the next level? Look no further than Educational Enhancement CASAC Online. We’re here to help you acquire or refresh the knowledge and skills you need to make a real difference in the lives of those you’ll serve.

With our online Tennessee CADC 1 or 2 training courses, you’ll enjoy top-notch education and training at an affordable price, all from the comfort of your home, favorite cafe, or anywhere else you prefer to study. Once you’ve purchased your training, check your email for your access code and login information, and you’re good to go. Our courses are available 24/7, so you can study independently. And guess what? There are no hidden fees – everything you need is included in your purchase.

Once you’ve completed the comprehensive training and passed the final assessment, you’ll be awarded a certificate of completion, recognizing your dedication and hard work.

So why wait? Take the first step towards Tennessee CADC 1 or 2 certifications with Educational Enhancement CASAC Online today.


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