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Approved addiction counseling
education provider

in Selected US States by Educational Enhancement

Approved Addiction Counselor Education Provider in the following states:

New York

OASAS Provider #0415
NAADAC Provider #254148


Education Provider #5486-A


ADACBGA #2024-4-0002
GACA # 23-950


Approved by TCB

North Carolina

Approved by NCSAPPB

Reimagine Substance Use Counselor Education and Training

Educational Enhancement, approved in numerous US states, offers comprehensive online self-study programs for addiction counseling education. Embark on your new career path today.

Explore the regions where Educational Enhancements, recognized across various U.S. states as an accredited provider, delivers online educational programs for addiction counseling. Begin your educational journey today.


Educational Enhancement offers aspiring drug counselors dynamic, comprehensive online training with personalized guidance and resources to excel in their field.

Discover states where Educational Enhancements Approved US States as an Addiction Counseling Education Provider offers accredited online addiction counselor educational programs. Start your journey today


Educational Enhancement provides aspiring drug counseling students with comprehensive, flexible online training, fostering expertise and compassion in addiction recovery.

Educational Enhancements, accredited in numerous U.S. states, offers comprehensive online programs for addiction counseling education


Educational Enhancement’s online training empowers students with personalized, flexible learning, and comprehensive resources for excelling in addiction counseling.

Educational Enhancement:
The Best Substance Use Counseling Education and Training Program

logo that represents online learning flexibility, featuring an open laptop with stylized Wi-Fi signals and an abstract human figure
Flexibility and Convenience
logo symbolizing focused and personalized online learning. It features an open book with a digital overlay and a human silhouette with a light bulb above the head
Focused and Personalized Learning
 logo representing accessibility and resource availability in online programs. It features a globe for worldwide access, a book for knowledge and resources, and digital elements indicating online connectivity,
Accessibility and Resource Availability

Educational Enhancement’s online Substance Use Counselor program offers a transformative learning journey tailored to your life. Embrace the freedom to study at your own pace and create a learning schedule that fits around your personal and professional commitments. Our self-study approach is meticulously designed for focused and personalized learning, allowing you to delve deeper into challenging areas while quickly navigating through the familiar ones. This ensures a profound and comprehensive understanding of addiction counseling. Beyond flexibility, our program opens doors to an extensive array of resources and materials, ensuring you have the best tools at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. This combination of convenience, personalized learning, and unmatched resource access provides a holistic educational experience that empowers you to excel in the field of addiction counseling.

Current Approved
Addiction Counselor Course Offerings

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OASAC approved distance learning CASAC training provider.
The GACA logo signifies that our CADC training is board certified in the state of Georgia
Official logo of the Tennessee Certification Board featuring the emblems for Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC) certifications. The image presents a professional and authoritative design, symbolizing the state's commitment to quality substance abuse counseling and the rigorous standards upheld by Tennessee's health professional boards
NAADAC approved distance learning addiction counselor training provider.
Image of the (NCASPPB logo which represents our NCASPPB approved CADC certificate program
The Alcohol & Drug Abuse Certification Board of Georgia, ADACBGA provides a list of initial and ongoing counselor preparation training logo.

Our Story

Since its inception in 2002, Educational Enhancement has been at the forefront of revolutionizing addiction counselor education. The challenges of 2020, brought on by COVID-19, reshaped our lives, urging us all to embrace change. In response, we’ve pioneered the first online CASAC credentialing self-study program, not just the first in New York but now approved across various U.S. states. Our mission extends beyond borders, offering you a flexible, self-paced path to becoming a CASAC, CADC, LADC, or CAC. Our certified trainers, backed by OASAS and NAADAC approvals, are dedicated to fueling your passion, answering your queries, and guiding you every step of the way. Join us at Educational Enhancement, where your aspiration meets our innovation, and together, you’ll get the addiction counseling education you and your future clients deserve.

Educational Enhancement CASAC Online’s self-paced, self-study distance learning Addiction Counselor Courses are accepted by NYS OASAS (#0415), FCB (Provider #5486-A), Georgia (ADACBGA 2023-5-0004 and GACA # 23-950), North Carolina (NCASPPB), Tennessee (TCB) and NAADAC (Provider #254148).

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