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Free guide to addiction counselor (CASAC) credentialing

Guide to Addiction Counselor Credentialing

The FREE guide to addiction counseling credentialing will not only outline the 3 part process for CASAC credentialing in NYS, but you will also learn more about the:

•. Expected growth in the addiction recovery industry

•  Knowledge, strengths, and skills of addiction counselors

•. CASAC licensure and credentialing process


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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ #1: When can I begin my training?
You can begin the moment you receive your purchase confirmation. At the time of your purchase, you’ll create your log-in and personal password. You will receive your confirmation email within the hour after your purchase. Once you follow the link to your Educational Enhancement Dashboard, you can sign in and begin working towards your CASAC-T.
FAQ #2: Do I get my CASAC as soon as I complete 350 hours of education and training?
No. You will not be a CASAC when you complete the 350-hour training. You will mail your certificate into OASAS and receive your CASAC- T. You will still have to complete 2 more steps for certification.

1. 6000 Internship hours

2. Pass the IC & RCCertification Exam.

FAQ #3: What is the tuition cost?
Our training cost $4000.00. This includes all training materials, training platforms, and certificates. It doesn’t include a computer, tablet or pad, or other mobile devices and internet connections.
FAQ #4: Do you have payment plans?
Yes, we do have 3 different payment plans for your 350-hour CASAC training:

1. One payment of $4000.00

2. 3 payments of 1367.00 each.
Total: $4101.00

3. Buy each training individually.  When choosing this method, the total for 350 hours equals $4200.00

Get Your FREE Guide and Subscribe to Our Newsletter

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