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No classrooms.
No late nights away from your family.
Self-paced drug counselor renewals.

Encourage. Educate. Empower.

OASAC Approved education provider

Our flexible online platform allows you to study at your own pace and control your schedule

without sacrificing time with your family.

OASAS Addiction Counselor Education Provider # 0415 and our NAADAC provider #254148.

Educational Enhancement is a critical resource for continued education and renewal of NAADAC and OASAS Substance Use Counseling Credentials.

What we offer:

1. Skills and strategies to refresh and enhance your clinical skills to maximize client outcomes.

2. Personal and professional growth for clinicians

3. Hassle-free distance learning with our expert educators in the privacy of your home, office, or favorite coffee shop.

4. Easily keep up with your professional development with over 500+ hours of drug counselor education and training to choose from.

5. NAADAC (#254148) and OASAS (#0415) approved substance use counseling approved distance learning.

A women sits at her computer taking notes as part of her self-paced drug counselor education

With our online training platform, it is easy to earn your substance use counselor renewal clock hours. 

Check it out.

Register and sign up for our award-winning drug counselor renewal training. Learn about the latest techniques and strategies to help you succeed in your career.

1. Register and Sign In

Our drug counselor education and training course will help you improve your skills and knowledge in this field. You will be able to read and watch videos, study, learn, take quizzes, and enhance your skills with our course.

2. Read, watch the video presentations, and study the coursework.

Our drug counselor training course will help you improve your skills and knowledge in this field. Pass the exam and complete your evaluation to complete this drug counselor training course.

3. Pass the exam & complete evaluation

Get your drug counselor certificate emailed to you as soon as you finish the training.

4. Get your certificate emailed to you.

What Students are Saying…

As an individual who is not currently working in the addiction field (although I do have experience with addiction recovery methods), I cannot say enough about  Educational Enhancement-CASAC Online.

From the very first time I reached out to inquire about the program, John Makohen consistently returned my email questions on time (which, as many of us know, doesn’t always happen these days)

What I loved the best about the program is that it could be done online, on my availability, so that I could continue to work full time at my current job and then, in the evenings, hop into each module at my own pace.

— Margaret Reinold

Mental Health / Recovery Field, CASAC 350 Graduate

I have been looking for online CASAC at your pace for more than two years. I came across this program last year, and I am so glad that, as a full-time worker, I can do this course at my own pace and in my comfort zone at an affordable price compared to what colleges will take. Thank you all for making this course available for people like me. Looking forward to achieving excellent knowledge from this program. Thanks

— Adeleye, Omolara

Student, CASAC 350 Graduate

My stepsons’ struggles with drugs and alcohol ended badly. So, I decided to become a
CASAC addiction counselor to make a difference. I was fortunate to discover Educational
Enhancement’s online addiction counseling training. Their mission is to “ENCOURAGE.
EDUCATE. EMPOWER.” And, they exceeded their promise with an approved, web-based
education and training program that embraces learning principles. It made learning fun and
efficient.  Their training included modules containing
workbooks, PDFs, links to resources, and videos. And their test questions helped me feel
prepared to pass the CASAC exam. Thanks to their support, I completed my
coursework ahead of schedule.
I’ve spent a substantial portion of my career in the knowledge business, teaching college and
grad students, accountants, and attorneys. Additionally, as a director of training and
development for my Behavioral Consulting firm, I’ve trained many employees. So, I’m
speaking from experience when I say that Maria Mendez, John Makohen, and their Educational
Enhancement team is doing a great job changing the world — one addiction counselor at a
time. BRAVO!

— Burton M. Fischler

MPsych, Author of THE GIFT: TRAUMA TO TRIUMPH., CASAC 350 Graduate

I found the training to be not only interesting but informative and helpful. I love the recovery field; therefore, I enjoy learning and did well with the training. As a visual learner, I respond well to visual teaching; therefore, the pre-recorded videos and added resources benefited me. I could download the workbooks and follow along with the videos while taking notes. I also liked repeating the questions in the final exam because the repetitive question from previous tests helped me learn.

— Melinda Zox Stewart

Mental health; recovery field

Educational Enhancement was a great choice for my CASAC  education and training!  Overall, the training setup made a lot of sense to me. It flowed smoothly, especially with all the information-packed inside.  I never felt overwhelmed. I did well on the tests, even in the areas I thought I would struggle in. 

— Zachary Stamp

LMHC , CASAC Section 1, Counselor Ethics, Special Populations / Cultural Competence

Why Learn with Educational Enhancement?

Want to stay updated on the latest drug counselor education without feeling overwhelmed? Then sign up for our mailing list where we'll provide you with summaries of the latest research and developments. Plus, we'll also let you know about upcoming events and webinars.

Current, updated course offerings and topics:

• Relevant course offerings based on the latest clinical research and evidence-based practices.

• Training will allow you to stop feeling overwhelmed with always expanding addiction recovery field.

• Stay in control of your professional development goals and client needs without sacrificing personal time.



Experienced substance use counselor training facilitators and educators

Experienced training facilitators and educators:

• Educational Enhancement established in 2002 as an approved OASAS education provider 

• Over 50 years of combined clinical experience in the field

• Credentials include: NCAC 1, Advanced CASACs, MSW, clinical supervisors

Provedn succes in substance use counseling distance learning and continued education

Proved success in continued education and distance learning:

• Our training platform incorporates all learning styles.

• Asynchronous- Our training incorporates workbooks, worksheets, videos, quizzes, and other learning materials

• Synchronous- instructor-led, strength-building workshops via live virtual sessions.


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ #1: When can I begin my training?
You can begin the moment you receive your purchase confirmation. At the time of your purchase, you’ll create your log-in and personal password. You will receive your confirmation email within the hour after your purchase. Once you follow the link to your Educational Enhancement Dashboard, you can sign in and begin working towards your CASAC-T.
FAQ #2: Do I get my completion certificate as soon as I complete the coursework?

Upon completion of your training, you need to email Maria Mendez. Completing the training means you passed the final assessment and completed the course evaluation.

FAQ #3: How much does it cost?

Our trainings have different prices. You can head to our COURSES page to see the individual costs per training.

FAQ #4: Can I use these courses for CASAC Renewal Clock Hours?

Yes, of course, you can. You can complete the 60 renewal clock hours for renewal of your CASAC credential from the privacy of your own home, your favorite coffee shop, and even during downtime while you’re at work! CASAC renewal has never been so easy.

For example, if you take these 3 CASAC Trainings:

  • Counseling Special Populations / Cultural Competence;
  • Basic Knowledge
  • Ethical Decision-Making

You would not only gain and refresh your knowledge of the field, but you would also accumulate the 60 clock hours required for CASAC renewal.

To purchase courses for CASAC Renewal:

First, choose the online CASAC Renewal courses you wish to take.

Next, please fill out the online registration form, make your payment, and submit it.

Check your email, and within 1 hour or considerably less, you will receive an email from us via KAJABI (our hosting platform) to login into your new CASAC training.

You can then begin.

FAQ #5 How do I get started?

First, choose which Payment Tier is good for you. (See FAQ #6 for the Payment Tiers).

Next, please fill out the online registration form, make your payment, and submit it.

Check your email, and within 1 hour or considerably less, you will receive an email from us via KAJABI (our hosting platform) to login into your new CASAC training. You can then begin.

Click this link and get started today.

FAQ #6: Are these drug and substance use certificates approved by OASAS?

Educational Enhancement CASAC Online was founded in 2002. We offer self-study educational and training programs approved by NYS OASAS (Office of Addiction Supports and Services). Our OASAS provider number is #0415.

FAQ #7: Is Educational Enhancement approved by NAADAC?

Educational Enhancement CASAC Online recently received NAADAC approval. We offer self-study educational and training programs approved by NAADAC. Here is our NAADAC education provider #254148.


Substance Use Counselor Credential Renewal

Study when you want, where you want.

Stay focused on your career and professional development goals.

Never miss another family event or meal or get stressed out in traffic, hustling across the city to a stuffy, loud classroom!

Educational Enhancement is the place for you if you want to brush up on your clinical skills or learn new strategies to enhance your clinical skills.

Do you still have questions?
Don’t Hesitate,
Get in Touch Today.

If you have a question about CASAC online training or CASAC renewal online ask it here.
We will reply to you within 12 hours.

More Student  Testimonials…

This was a very comprehensive course, that seemed to cover every conceivable nuance related to being an Addictions Counselor. I say this as someone who has gone through the entire certification process once before, and as someone who has spent a few years working in the field in various roles.

— James Flynn

CRPA, RCP, & CASAC 350 Graduate

I learned so much, from cultural diversity training to professional development. I work as a 1st responder, and the different things I read about and watched videos of helped me be more patient with colleagues and callers needing assistance.

— Josette Beckles

First Responder, Special Populations / Cultural Competence

I recently finished OASAS CASAC Section 4 with Educational Enhancement CASAC online. The distance learning classes are wonderfully written and easy to understand, and you can feel the passion for helping others succeed put into this work. When I asked questions about the information, Johnny was quick to reply and help me out. The trainings were set up to work at my speed -between work and school. The information went above and beyond and was taught in a way that sticks in your mind. Thank you.
I will come back for renewal hours once I’m a CASAC.

— Allie Patat

CASAC Student, CASAC Section 4

Wonderful learning experience. The knowledge I gained from this training was substantial. For me being able to download the workbooks with each of the audio lectures helped me consume the information from two angles. I felt this was very useful in gathering and retaining the information on the key points relevant to this training.  I learned.

— Micah Etzel

Student, CASAC 350 training

Educational, convenience, clearly stated. 

— Laurel Bertram

Student, CASAC Section 1; Special Populations; Counselor Ethics

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Educational Enhancement CASAC Online helps you learn or refresh your addiction counseling knowledge and skills to significantly impact the populations you’ll serve.

Our online training courses provide high-quality, affordable education and training in the comfort of your home, favorite cafe, or anywhere you choose to study.

Once you purchase your training, you’ll receive an email with your access code, log in, and begin. Your courses are available 24/7, and all educational materials are provided with your purchase—no hidden fees. Once you complete the training, final assessment, and evaluation, you’ll receive your certificate of completion.


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OASAC Approved distance learning substance use counselor education provider

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