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Educational Enhancement CASAC Online

OASAS-Approved CASAC Section 4: Counselor/Client Relationships

A comprehensive addiction counselor course will enhance your counselor / client relationship skills and deepen your understanding of the therapeutic alliance.

Our CASAC online training, Counselor/Client Relationships, is tailored for those who aspire to develop meaningful, impactful relationships with their clients while upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ethics in counseling.

Earn Valuable Credits: Complete the course and earn 16 credits towards your CASAC or NAADAC Renewal professional development and certification requirements. Become a guiding light in addiction counseling?  Your journey to making a lasting impact starts with our specialized course.

Enroll now and start your transformative journey in substance abuse counseling!


Addiction Counselor Education and Training

Online CASAC Section 4:

Counselor/Client Relationships

Educational Enhancement CASAC Online is where addiction counselor CASAC education and training evolves into a beacon of hope in the challenging world of addiction.

CASAC online training

Stand Out as an Expert Addiction Counselor and Build Strong, Healing Relationships with Your Clients

Are you ready to take your career in addiction counseling to the next level?

Our Addiction Counselor Course Counselor-Client Relationships is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to impact your clients’ lives.

With a focus on building solid and healing relationships and navigating complex therapeutic dynamics, this course will give you the confidence and expertise to stand out as an expert addiction counselor.

Join us on this transformative journey and start making a difference today.

We offer comprehensive Counselor–Client Relationships training, focusing on the intricate dynamics of substance abuse and recovery.

Our approach is culturally sensitive and inclusive, ensuring that every aspect of cultural identity, ethnicity, age, and gender is respected and integrated into our curriculum.

Our OASAS-Approved CASAC Online Section 4: Counselor–Client Relationships Addiction Counselor Course unlocks your potential and enhances the quality of your client services.

This comprehensive training program will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to become a certified addiction counselor.

You will learn about the therapeutic alliance and how to build solid and healing relationships with your clients.

Topics covered include transference and countertransference, self-disclosure, clinical boundaries, ethical standards, and more.

Completing this course will make you an expert addiction counselor and stand out in your field. Your ability to connect with and understand your clients will make a significant difference in their recovery journey.

You will have the tools to help them overcome challenges and transform their lives.

Take the first step towards becoming a certified addiction counselor today.

Take advantage of this life-changing opportunity!

Take your substance abuse counseling career to the next level with our OASAS-Approved CASAC Section 4: Counselor–Client Relationships Addiction Counselor Course.

This course is not just about being a drug counselor.

It’s about being a catalyst for change, using your skills to make a tangible difference in substance abuse counseling.

Enroll in tour CASAC online training Addiction Counselor Course Counselor-Client Relationships and make a difference in the lives of those struggling with addiction.


Transform Lives with Our Cutting-Edge Online CASAC Section 4:

EECO Counselor/Client Relationships Addiction Counselor Course

Two women discuss online CASAC training and how to form counselor/client relationships.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be able to complete these courses on my own time – some. days, I am able to dedicate 8-10 hours, and some I cannot log on at all. Not having to present to a “scheduled class” on a particular day at a set time makes it so much more convenient to meet the necessary requirements and I cannot thank you enough for creating this program and these courses.  I look forward to receiving these two-course certificates and will be enrolling.

I am so thankful for this self-paced, self-study. So many people learn differently – and all the distractions of a classroom setting, even virtual classes on zoom can be distracting.

-Jacqueline Nieves-DeLaPaz

CASAC 350 Student

Dive deep into the heart of addiction recovery with our Premier CASASC Online Training.

Our program comprehensively explores all facets of Substance Abuse Counseling, including the Counselor/Client Relationships Addiction Counselor Course.

This equips you with the necessary tools and knowledge to expertly navigate your clients’ journeys to recovery.

You’ll learn to:

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the therapeutic alliance and its role in counselor-client relationships.
  • Learn about transference and countertransference and how they impact the counseling process.
  • Utilize basic counseling skills, critical thinking, ethical standards, and professional responsibilities to treat clients effectively. And discover how to provide support to others who are concerned.
  • Understand the importance of clinical boundaries and how to maintain them professionally.
  • Address recovery issues and develop strategies to support clients in their journey to sobriety.

Step into a transformative journey with our EECO Addiction Counselor Course Counselor–Client Relationships.

This isn’t merely a learning experience; it’s a preparation for a profound impact. You’ll be equipped to leave an indelible mark on the lives ravaged by addiction.

Embrace growth, reduce burnout, and make a lasting impact.

Your journey to expert counseling starts here!

Register today!  

And unlock the key to successful substance abuse counseling!

EECO is going exceptionally well for me, and it’s a unique experience where I truly feel a sense of fulfillment. Malin, my instructor, has been fantastic in guiding me through this journey.

—David Kim

CASAC 350 Student

The CASAC 350 Addiction Counselor Training program stands out for its asynchronous learning format, offering unmatched convenience and flexibility. This approach has made it incredibly easy to integrate training into a busy schedule, allowing learners to engage with the course materials at their own pace and on their terms. The toxicology portion was an area I wasn’t very familiar with, and this course provided a thorough foundation to build upon.

— Katie McGovern

CASAC 350 Graduate

This was a very comprehensive course, that seemed to cover every conceivable nuance related to being an Addictions Counselor. I say this as someone who has gone through the entire certification process once before, and as someone who has spent a few years working in the field in various roles.

— James Flynn

CRPA, RCP, & CASAC 350 Graduate

I learned so much, from cultural diversity training to professional development. I work as a 1st responder, and the different things I read about and watched videos of helped me be more patient with colleagues and callers needing assistance.

— Josette Beckles

First Responder

This course masterfully presented its content with clarity and precision, making the learning process enjoyable and effective. The quizzes, strategically designed with thought-provoking questions, were crucial in cementing my understanding. They reinforced the material and brilliantly prepared me for the final exams. This harmonious blend of teaching and testing has dramatically deepened my grasp of the subject matter.

— Faith Martell

CASAC 350 Graduate

CASAC Online Training

OASAS Approved CASAC Section 4;

Addiction Counselor Course Counselor–Client Relationships


Taking our OASAS-Approved CASAC Online Training
offers significant benefits for
substance abuse counselors.

The CASAC (Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor) training, particularly in case management, referral, and service coordination, offers significant benefits for both new and seasoned substance use counselors:

What You Will Learn:

  • The Therapeutic Alliance: Explore the nuances of counselor-client dynamics, understanding how to build trust and rapport effectively.
  • Basic Counseling Skills: Sharpen listening, empathy, and communication skills essential for successful counseling.
  • Critical Thinking and Ethics: Learn to navigate complex ethical dilemmas and apply critical thinking in decision-making.
  • Professional Responsibilities: Understand your role and responsibilities as a counselor, ensuring patient safety and confidentiality.
  • Transference and Countertransference: Delve into these psychological phenomena to better comprehend and manage their impacts in therapy.
  • Self-Disclosure and Boundaries: Master the art of self-disclosure while maintaining professional boundaries.
  • Addressing Sexual Harassment: Learn strategies to prevent and address sexual harassment in the therapeutic setting.
  • Self-awareness: Develop self-awareness to enhance your effectiveness as a counselor and ensure personal growth.

Overall, CASAC online training in Counselor/Client Relationships is an invaluable investment for substance use counselors at any stage of their career, enhancing their expertise and effectiveness in treating clients with substance use disorders.

This online training offers a convenient, flexible, and comprehensive learning experience tailored to individual needs. It is a valuable option for those seeking to enhance their screening, assessment, and evaluation skills.

With our course, you’ll enjoy:

  • Tailored for those with busy schedules, our program uniquely combines the ease of online accessibility with profound, engaging learning experiences.
  • We emphasize delivering practical and impactful education, ensuring each moment of your study is valuable and purposeful.
  • Become part of a dynamic community that drives positive change and fosters healing and growth.

Enroll in our extensive OASAS-approved CASAC Section 4: Counselor/Client Relationships Addiction Counselor Course.

You can start now and give yourself the expertise and qualifications needed to thrive as a CASAC in New York State.

OASAS-approved CASAC Section 4: Counselor/Client Relationships 

CASAC Online Training Course

Course Curriculum | Table of Contents

Module 1: Introduction to the Client/Counselor Relationship

Module 2: Aspects of the Client/Counselor Relationship

Module 3: POWER and the Client Counselor Relationship

Module 4: Boundaries for a Healthy Counseling Relationship

Module 5: Establishing the Treatment Frame and Special Issues 

Module 6: Responsibilities to the Client

      • Clinical boundaries,

      • Transference and countertransference

      • Counselor self-disclosure

      • Recovery issues

      • Sexual harassment

      • Clinical Supervision and Continuing Education

Module 7: Summary

About our Hybrid Instructor-led Training

Dive into the dynamic world of screening, assessment, and evaluation with our interactive hybrid Zoom training!

Experience the convenience and engagement of live virtual training seminars, designed to be as informative as they are captivating.

Please mark your calendars for Saturdays and Sundays, as these are the exclusive days we’re bringing these sessions to life.

Once you complete your registration, we’ll promptly send you a detailed training calendar along with comprehensive course content to get you started on this exciting journey.

Understanding the demands of your busy schedule, we’re also exploring the addition of multiple weekly sessions to offer you even more flexibility.

Get ready to elevate your skills with our expert-led, interactive training experience!

Our CASAC Online Training Counselor/Client Relationships provides several enhancements to the professional lives of drug counselors:

1. Expanded Knowledge Base: These programs cover a wide range of topics, from understanding the fundamentals of addiction to exploring advanced counseling techniques. This broadens the counselor’s understanding and equips them with more tools to address substance use disorders effectively.

2. Professional Development: Courses often include the latest research and developments in addiction counseling. This ongoing professional development ensures counselors stay current with the most effective strategies and treatment modalities.

3. Ethical and Professional Standards: Certain programs, like the Substance Use Disorder Treatment Education workshop offered by Bellevue University, focus on ethical and professional behavior, which is crucial for maintaining high standards in counseling practice.

4. Flexibility and Accessibility: Online courses offer flexibility, allowing counselors to learn at their own pace and on their schedule, which is particularly beneficial for professionals who need to balance work, life, and continued education.

5. Career Advancement: These courses often fulfill educational requirements for certifications or licensure, providing a pathway for career advancement and higher earning potential.

By participating in these online courses, drug counselors not only enhance their skill set but also contribute to their personal growth, professional credibility, and the overall quality of care provided to those struggling with substance use disorders.

Are you ready to make a real impact in the field of drug counseling?

Our course offers a practical, enriching path to personal and professional development.

Join us and take a significant step towards making a difference.

Two women discuss online CASAC training and how to form counselor/client relationships.

…Overall, I feel that the way the modules were set up made a lot of sense, especially with how they built off each other. The pacing was also pretty well done, I never felt overwhelmed, and I did pretty well on the tests overall, even with the areas I struggled in.

Zachary Stamp

Graduate and CASAC Studies

I am so proud that I chose Educational Enhancement to start my journey as a counselor. You did a great job. I highly recommend your services! Your professionalism and prompt response to my various questions made this process simple! Thank you very much!

Jacqueline Nieves-DeLaPaz

Graduate and CASAC Studies

Elevate your counseling career with OASAS-approved CASAC Section 4: Counselor/Client Relationships Addiction Counselor Course

This course empowers professional counselors and educators to receive comprehensive training addressing substance abuse prevention’s complexities. They understand the philosophy and principles of prevention, treatment, and recovery and are sensitive to cultural identities, age, and gender. Their expertise helps transform lives, provide career opportunities, and enhance personal growth.

Your journey to expert counseling starts here!

Post-course, you’ll emerge with invaluable skills:

  1. Navigate through transference and countertransference issues confidently,
  2. Establish appropriate clinical boundaries
  3. Handle sensitive topics like self-disclosure and sexual harassment.
  4. Develop a deeper self-awareness regarding cultural biases and the importance of cultural competency in the counselor-client relationship.
  5. Stand out as an expert addiction counselor, ready to transform lives

Don’t let limiting beliefs hinder your growth any longer. It’s time to break free and become the best version of yourself in your counseling practice.

Start your journey towards professional excellence with Educational Enhancement CASAC Online today.

Enroll in our OASAS-approved CASAC Online Training Counselor/Client Relationships.

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