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Addiction Counselor Course- CASAC Online Training

OASAS-Approved Section 4:

Ethics for Addiction Professionals

Unlock your potential as an addiction professional with our comprehensive CASAC online training in ethics for addiction professionals. Dive deep into core ethical principles, navigate complex scenarios, and uphold the highest standards in client care in this premier addiction counselor course.

Our program equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to make ethical decisions with confidence and integrity. Join us and elevate your practice to new heights. Enroll now and become the change our communities need.

Get 15 Hours towards CASAC Initial Credentialing and CASAC or NAADAC Renewal

Online CASAC Section 4

Ethics for 

Addiction Professionals 
(15 Clock Hours)

The importance of addiction counselor ethics. 

Step into a world where integrity isn’t just a value but a vital skill for success.

Inc. CEOs agree that integrity is paramount in any profession, especially for addiction counselors. Your commitment to honesty and integrity is the cornerstone of building trust and rapport with clients.

Our dynamic CASAC online Ethics for Addiction Professionals is meticulously designed to elevate your professional practice.

Here’s what you’ll gain:

  1. Deep Dive into Ethical Principles: The fundamental ethical principles and theories are crucial in addiction counseling.
  2. Master Ethical Decision-Making: A structured six-step guide will navigate you through the complexities of ethical decisions.
  3. Comprehensive Code of Ethics Overview: Learn the OASAS, NAADAC, and other relevant Codes of Ethics and Conduct, ensuring you’re aligned with top industry standards.

You can register today for CASAC online renewal training.

You’ll tackle real-world ethical challenges, including conflicts of interest, dual relationships, patient advocacy, HIPAA, confidentiality, and the ethical use of EMR, EHR, and social media.

Embrace a stress-free learning experience with Educational Enhancement.

Learn at your pace, whether from home or your favorite café. Our flexible study schedule aligns with your lifestyle.

Our online training, approved by OASAS and NAADAC Renewal, has already elevated counselors across New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Florida.

Be the catalyst for ethical change in your community.

We want to serve all of your addiction counselor credentialing and renewal needs.

Register today for our distance learning counselor ethics training and become the change our communities need.


Who should take Ethics for Addiction Professionals 15-Hour training?


In short, if you work or plan to work in the addiction counseling field, our online Ethics for Addiction Professionals training is for you.

If you already work in the field, you know that every 3 years, you have to renew your addiction counselor ethics commitment by taking a training such as this one. 

Our training provides current CASACs,  other addiction professionals, and persons wishing to obtain their initial addiction counseling credential with a strong foundation in addiction counselor ethics and ethical decision-making.

In short, if you work or plan to work in the addictions field, this training is mandatory every 3 years.  So why wait? Get 15 renewal clock hours today and commit to upholding ethical drug counseling for substance use disorder.

You will receive 15 clock hours for taking our self-study, self-paced, addictions counselor online training.

Educational Enhancement’s  OASAS-approved CASAC online Section 4: Ethics for Addiction Professionals training fulfills the requirement for initial CASAC coursework in NYS.

Are you ready to be the CHANGE  your community needs?


Fulfillment in any career starts with efficient education and training.

Every day,  alcohol and drug counselors become a beacon for change in their clients’ lives.

Educational Enhancement CASAC ONLINE is committed to providing you with the highest education and training standards for addiction counselors.

Since 2002 Educational enhancement has trained over 5000 CASACs in NYS.
Our program is approved by OASAS in NYS (provider #0415) and nationally by NAADAC (#244148)

Our online addiction counselor training program provides you with 500+ hours of knowledge, skills, and motivation to make a lasting impression on persons struggling in the throes of substance use disorder.

Once inside our education and training program, you’ll obtain the insight, skills, and interventions to foster recovery and bolster autonomy in your clients. 

In the image a man stands with a black board that reads "got ethics." The image represents an addiction counselor course titled Ethics for Addiction Professionals. It is a CASAC Online Training

This course has been intense but informative. I appreciate the support and the opportunity to take your course. It was worth all my energy and time.

Kimberley Hernandez

CASAC 350 Student

Online CASAC Section 4

Ethics for Addiction Professionals

Self-study CASASC online training learning outcomes:

  • Gain critical insights into ethical decision-making in addiction counseling.
  • Acquire comprehensive knowledge about the professional and ethical responsibilities of Addiction Counselors.
  • Understand the role of clinical supervision as an ongoing ethical duty in a counselor’s career.
  • Explore the distinctions between virtue ethics and ethical decision-making guided by formal codes.
  • Study formal canons of ethical principles from various counseling associations.
  • Learn about the ethical issues and the importance of maintaining clear client/counselor boundaries.
  • Ethical use of technology, including EHR, EMR, text messaging, Social Media, and E-mail.

Overall I feel that the way the modules were set up made a lot of sense, especially with the way they built off of each other. The pacing was also pretty well done, I never felt overwhelmed and I did pretty well on the tests overall, even with the areas I struggled in.

Zachary Stamp

Graduate and CASAC Studies

The entire training was proper, but I liked that you included audio and visual components. I also liked that you shared several resources and that they will be available going forward as I progress in my hands-on training and career. Of course, the fact that the training was primarily self-paced was a considerable benefit.

— Hope Holman

CASAC 350 Graduate

This course masterfully presented its content with clarity and precision, making the learning process enjoyable and effective. The quizzes, strategically designed with thought-provoking questions, were crucial in cementing my understanding. They reinforced the material and brilliantly prepared me for the final exams. This harmonious blend of teaching and testing has dramatically deepened my grasp of the subject matter.

— Faith Martell

CASAC 350 Graduate

This has been an absolutely tremendous and humbling experience. I have not done any type of schoolwork outside of the trades. I never saw myself taking copious notes, rereading paragraphs, and looking up words since I graduated high school 20 years ago. Besides learning about a field I am passionate about, the best part of this course is the self-discipline involved in completing the work.
I am so grateful for this opportunity and the support all Educational Enhancement staff has given me. I truly put my all into this, and it is a really good feeling to have completed this part. Thank you all so much.

— Bjorn Brodsky

CASAC Student

Online CASAC Section 4

Ethics for Addiction Professionals

Ethics is key to enabling safe and effective care addiction counseling to individuals with substance use disorders.

As such, specific codes of ethics and state and federal laws have been developed to guide addiction professionals in delivering professional care to those seeking their services.

This addiction counselor course details guidelines regarding confidentiality and boundaries in the context of substance abuse counselors from several relevant resources for alcohol and drug counselors like you.

This CASAC online course will review the most essential and universal principles of addiction counseling ethics. We will also highlight how to effectively resolve ethical dilemmas that may arise while delivering care to needy individuals.


Ethics for Addiction Professionals

Addiction Counselor Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction: What it Means to be Ethical.

Module 2: Professions and Professionals

Module 3: The 4 Cornerstones of Health Care Ethics

Module 4: Canon of Ethical Principles

Module 5: Examples of Unethical Behavior

Module 6: Ethical Decision Making

Module 7: Professional Relationships and Professional Responsibilities

Module 8: Addiction Counseling Ethics and Technology

Module 9: Summary

In the image a man stands with a black board that reads "got ethics." The image represents an addiction counselor course titled Ethics for Addiction Professionals. It is a CASAC Online Training


Commit to instilling ethics and ethical decision-making in all your interactions.


Register and begin your Ethics for Addiction Professionals CASAC online training with Educational Enhancement CASAC Online.

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