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Online CASAC Section 2

Counseling Special Populations | Cultural Competence | Cultural Humility

Master the Art of Counseling Special Populations/Cultural Competence/Cultural Humility

Tailor your approach, resonate deeply, and make a genuine impact across diverse groups.

Elevate your counseling skills for a globalized world.

Enroll now and receive 25 hours towards CASAC or NAADAC Renewal.

Online CASAC Section 2

Counseling Special Populations | Cultural Competence | Cultural Humility

Cultural competence is vital to your online CASAC training. Culturally competent addiction counselors build rapport faster, engage with caseloads more easily, and build better community relationships.

Are you ready to commit to your professional development and become a culturally proficient addiction counselor?

When you provide culturally responsive addiction counseling for the diverse populations in your community, you become an asset to any treatment provider.

Our online CASAC – addiction counselor training- Cultural Competence training is designed to:

  • improve your cultural sensitivity
  • be mindful and self-assess your implicit bias
  • strive towards cultural proficiency to better serve all persons with substance use disorders.

Learn what providing culturally competent addiction counseling means in the comfort of your home or favorite cafe.

Study when the time is convenient for YOU.

Our training has been used for renewal credits in New York, New Jersey, Georgia, and Florida.

Educational Enhancement CASAC Online is approved for OASAS (#0415) CASAC Renewal and nationally by NAADAC (#254148)

If you live and work in a state we have not worked with, please get in touch with your state’s addiction treatment governing board and ask them to contact us.

We want to serve your addiction counselor credentialing and renewal needs.

Register today and become the change our communities need.


Who should take EECO

Counseling Special Populations | Cultural Competence | Cultural Humility addiction counseling course?

In short, if you work or plan to work in the addiction field, this online cultural competence training is for you.

Our training is designed for current counselors working in the addictions field, other addictions professionals, and persons wishing to obtain their initial addictions counseling credentials.

In short, if you work or plan to work in the addictions field this cultural competence training is for you.

You will receive 25 clock hours for taking our self-study, self-paced training addictions counselor online training.

Educational Enhancement’s online CASAC Section 2: Special populations / Cultural Competence training is OASAS approved. It fulfills the requirement for initial CASAC coursework in NYS.

Besides NY, our trainings have been used by clinicians in the states of NJ, Florida,  and Georgia. If you are in another state please check with your credentialing board before pursuing this training as a means to satisfy credentialing hours.

Are you ready to be the CHANGE  our communities need?


Fulfillment in any career starts with efficient education and traing.

Every day,  alcohol and drug counselors become a beacon for change in the lives of the clients they serve.

Educational Enhancement CASAC ONLINE is committed to providing you the highest standard of addictions counselor education and training.

Since 2002 Educational enhancement has trained over 5000 CASACs in NYS. Our program is approved by OASAS in NYS (provider #0415).

We will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to make a lasting impression in another person’s life.

Through this, you will gain insight, skills, and the interventions used to foster recovery and bolster autonomy in your patients. 

Educational Enhancements Online CASAC section 2 cultural competence and special populations training helps you embrace diversity in your addiction counseling.

Online CASAC Section 2

Counseling Special Populations | Cultural Competence | Cultural Humility



Self-study training learning outcomes:

• Knowledge of the stages of cultural  competence

• Understanding of race, ethnicity, and diversity

• The specific ATOD prevention/treatment needs of particular populations

• Development of the skills necessary to
effectively counsel individuals in those

• Become hyper-aware of personal bias and special population needs

• Importance of continued self-assessment of bias

• Use of the DSM-V: Cultural Formulation Outline

I recently finished OASAS CASAC Section 4 with Educational Enhancement CASAC online. The classes are wonderfully written out and are easy to understand. You can feel the passion for helping others succeed put into this work. When I asked questions about the information, Johnny was quick to reply and help me out. The trainings were set up so I could work at my own speed -between work and school. The information went above and beyond and taught in a way that sticks in your mind. Thank you. I will come back for renewal hours once I’m a CASAC.

Allie Patat

CASAC Student

Online CASAC Section 2

Counseling Special Populations | Cultural Competence | Cultural Humility

Every client who enters a drug treatment program has a unique set of —biological, psychological, social, cultural, spiritual, and other special needs that require culturally responsive skills.

As patients move along the continuum of care, it is important for addiction counselors to be prepared to identify and address the clinical aspects of care and the spectrum of each patient’s demographic and personal characteristics.


Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction 

Module 2: What is Cultural Competence?

Module 3: What is Culture?

Module 4: What is Diversity?

Module 5: Part 1––3 Core Elements of Cultural Competence––Awareness

Module 6: Part 2 of 3 Core Elements of Cultural Competence––Knowledge

Module 7: Part 3 of 3 Core Elements of Cultural Competency––Skills

Module 8: Cultural Competence in Action —Barriers to Treatment

Module 9: Cultural Competence in Action: TX Engagement

Module 10: Culturally Competent Treatment Interventions

Module 11: Introduction to Special Populations

Module 12: Substance Use Treatment and Race

  • African Americans
  • Native Americans
  • Asian Americans
  • Hispanic Americans

Module 13: Substance Use Disorder and Special Populations

  • Women
  • Men
  • the Elderly
  • Adolescents and Young Adults
  • Veterans
  • the Homeless
  • MICA

Module 14: Cultural formulation Interview

Make a commitment to provide

culturally competent addiction counseling.

Register now, for online CASAC Section 2:
Counseling Special Populations | Cultural Competence | Cultural Humility

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Students study together at Educational Enhancements Online CASAC Section 2: Special Populations Cultural Competence training.

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