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Elevate Your Impact in Addiction Counseling with Our Expert-Led Training.

Deepen Your Knowledge of Substance Abuse Counseling for Families and Significant Others 

Imagine unlocking the secrets to healing families torn apart by addiction.

Your key is our OASAS-Approved CASAC Section 2: Substance Abuse Counseling for Families and Significant Others  Course.

Dive into a world where you become the architect of transformation, helping families navigate the tumultuous waters of addiction with confidence and compassion.

Are you ready to be their beacon of hope?

Enroll now for 15 Credits towards CASAC or NAADAC Renewal

Addiction Counselor Education and Training

Online CASAC Section 2:

Substance Abuse Counseling for Families and Significant Others 

Empower Your Career in Substance Abuse Counseling and Positively Impact Lives

Embark on a transformative path with our EECO Substance Abuse Counseling for Families and Significant Others CASAC Training Course,
where education evolves into a beacon of hope in the challenging world of addiction.

This course equips you with essential skills, enabling you to offer a lifeline to those on the precipice of despair.

Designed with empathy and insight, our curriculum aims to reconstruct lives shaken by addiction, emphasizing the individual beyond their battles.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the field or an experienced counselor seeking to expand your impact, this course is meticulously crafted for your journey.

It’s more than just acquiring knowledge; it’s about undergoing a metamorphosis. This course transforms your passion for positive change into a potent instrument of healing.

Join us in pioneering a new era in addiction care, where our commitment to holistic treatment forms the foundation of our teaching.

Seize this chance to leave a lasting mark in addiction counseling.

Elevate your capabilities, embrace your role as a catalyst for change, and redefine the scope of addiction counseling.

Dive into our Substance Abuse Counseling for Families and Significant Others Course and unlock the door to genuinely impactful work in addiction recovery.

You’re not just signing up for a course; you’re earning 15 Credits towards CASAC or NAADAC Renewal and starting a journey that will change lives – including your own.

This program is more than just educational – it’s a journey to becoming a ray of hope in a world in dire need.

You will gain the skills to provide vital support, crucial for those teetering on the brink.

Our curriculum is infused with understanding and compassion, designed to rebuild lives impacted by addiction, focusing on the individual beyond their struggles.

Ideal for both newcomers and experienced counselors aiming to amplify their influence, this course is tailored for you.

This journey transcends mere learning; it’s a transformation. It channels your drive for positive change into a powerful tool for healing.

Break away from the ordinary.

Embark on a rewarding career path in substance abuse counseling with our EECO OASAS-Approved CASAC Training in Substance Abuse Counseling for Families and Significant Others.

Gain essential knowledge, hone your skills, and embrace ethical practices essential for success in the field.

Begin your transformative journey with our OASAS CASAC Section 2 course, Substance Abuse Counseling for Families and Significant Others.

Transform Lives with Our Cutting-Edge Online CASAC Section 2:

Substance Abuse Counseling for Families and Significant Others 

A family sits together they appear happy because they have been recieiving family substance use disorder counseling from trained drug counselors.

I already know a lot of the information and knowledge provided in this training. However, I have gained a deeper understanding. I am a person who enjoys learning, but some may think my way of attaining knowledge is different than others. Thus, I like that it is self-paced, but my mentor is available for clarification.

-Bassima Matragi

CASAC 350 Student

Self-study and being able to review assessments and quizzes to attain details Is a great method to memorize and comprehend the information to be utilized accordingly to improve opportunities for SUD individuals. Thank you


CASAC 350 Student

Dive deep into the heart of addiction recovery.

Our course meticulously covers every aspect of Substance Abuse Counseling for Families and Significant Others in addiction treatment, equipping you to guide your client’s journey.

You’ll learn to:

  • Understand the intricate impact of addiction on family dynamics and how to navigate these challenges.
  • Identify the right tools for evaluating substance use disorders in adolescents and adults.
  • Explore family systems and behavioral approaches to treating addiction, broadening your therapeutic toolkit.
  • Unravel the complex web of behaviors in these family units.
  • Master evidence-based interventions and frameworks for a precise understanding of substance use disorders.
  • Learn cutting-edge family therapy and substance use approaches for comprehensive family healing.
  • Decode the intricacies of codependency and systems theory to revolutionize your approach to family-based substance use intervention.
  • Transform your knowledge into action with practical, real-world solutions for families in crisis.

Step into a transformative journey with our EECO Substance Abuse Counseling for Families and Significant Others CASAC Training Course.

This isn’t merely a learning experience; it’s a preparation for a profound impact. You’ll be equipped to leave an indelible mark on the lives ravaged by addiction.

By embracing this holistic approach, you’re not just becoming an addiction counselor but a beacon of hope and healing in a landscape often clouded by despair.

Join us and be pivotal in shaping a future where addiction counseling transcends boundaries, offering a new horizon of care and compassion.

EECO Substance Abuse Counseling for Families and Significant Others CASAC Training Course equips addiction counselors with knowledge of medical and mental health issues related to SUD so you can provide a holistic approach during addiction treatment.

Enroll today and unlock the key to successful substance abuse counseling!

I just completed the training course, and I want to thank you both for making this training a wonderful experience. The lecture and the videos were extremely helpful and informative. I have been in the Social Services field for over 15 years, helping people with drug and alcohol dependency, and it has improved my skills and my knowledge.

— Angela Saifi


The CASAC 350 Addiction Counselor Training program stands out for its asynchronous learning format, offering unmatched convenience and flexibility. This approach has made it incredibly easy to integrate training into a busy schedule, allowing learners to engage with the course materials at their own pace and on their terms. The toxicology portion was an area I wasn’t very familiar with, and this course provided a thorough foundation to build upon.

— Katie McGovern

CASAC 350 Graduate

This was a very comprehensive course, that seemed to cover every conceivable nuance related to being an Addictions Counselor. I say this as someone who has gone through the entire certification process once before, and as someone who has spent a few years working in the field in various roles.

— James Flynn

CRPA, RCP, & CASAC 350 Graduate

I learned so much, from cultural diversity training to professional development. I work as a 1st responder, and the different things I read about and watched videos of helped me be more patient with colleagues and callers needing assistance.

— Josette Beckles

First Responder

This course masterfully presented its content with clarity and precision, making the learning process enjoyable and effective. The quizzes, strategically designed with thought-provoking questions, were crucial in cementing my understanding. They reinforced the material and brilliantly prepared me for the final exams. This harmonious blend of teaching and testing has dramatically deepened my grasp of the subject matter.

— Faith Martell

CASAC 350 Graduate

Online OASAS Approved CASAC Section 2:

Substance Abuse Counseling for Families and Significant Others 


Taking Substance Abuse Counseling for Families and Significant Others,
OASAS-Approved CASAC Training
 offers significant benefits for drug counselors.


Dive into an enlightening journey with our course, uniquely designed to unravel the complex web of substance use and its profound impact on families.

Here’s what you’ll master:

1. Understanding the Family Dynamics: Explore how substance abuse affects the entire family unit. You’ll gain insights into the behavioral patterns within families grappling with addiction, seeing beyond the individual to the collective struggle.

2. Mastering Assessment Tools: Delve into a comprehensive overview of cutting-edge, evidence-based screening and assessment methods. These tools are pivotal in accurately evaluating both adolescents and adults battling substance use disorders, laying the groundwork for effective intervention.

3. Innovative Treatment Techniques: Learn to apply a family systems approach to addiction treatment. This holistic perspective acknowledges the interwoven nature of family relationships and how they can be harnessed to foster recovery and healing.

4. Behavioral Approach to Addiction Treatment: Engage with the principles of behavioral treatment methodologies. These strategies are essential in addressing addiction, offering practical, action-oriented solutions to aid recovery.


Take your addiction counseling skills to the next level with our in-depth course.


Joining the Substance Abuse Counseling for Families and Significant Others, CASAC Training Course equips you with cutting-edge tools and knowledge in the field, significantly enhancing the drug treatment services you offer.

This online training offers a convenient, flexible, and comprehensive learning experience tailored to individual needs, making it a valuable option for those seeking to enhance their skills in substance abuse counseling for families and significant others.

With our course, you’ll enjoy:

  • Designed for the time-constrained, our course blends online convenience with immersive learning.
  • We focus on practical, impactful knowledge, making every study hour meaningful.
  • Join a community of change-makers, all driven by a shared mission to heal and uplift.

Enroll in our extensive OASAS-approved CASAC Section 2: Substance Abuse Counseling for Families and Significant Others.

Enroll now and give yourself the expertise and qualifications needed to thrive as a CASAC in New York State.

Substance Abuse Counseling for Families and Significant Others CASAC Training Course

Course Curriculum | Table of Contents

Module 1: Identify the Impact of Addition on the Family

Module 2: Adaptive Qualities of Healthy Families

Module 3: Dynamics of and Maintaining Interpersonal Relationships

Module 4: The Addicted Family and Their Roles

Module 5: Family Crisis and Causes

Module 6: Crisis Interventions

Module 7: Family Therapy

Module 8: Summary

Sign up for the EECO Substance Abuse Counseling for Families and Significant Others CASAC Training Course and revolutionize your personal and professional paths by:

1. Flexible Learning Schedules: Our online training format offers unparalleled flexibility, enabling learners to engage with course materials conveniently. This is ideal for those juggling various commitments like work and family, as it allows for a learning pace tailored to each individual’s unique lifestyle.

2. Global Reach: This course’s online accessibility breaks down geographical barriers, making it a valuable resource even for remote locations or areas with limited access to physical training centers.

3. Cost Savings: By choosing an online format, participants save on expenses related to travel, accommodations, and physical course materials, making the training more economically feasible and widely accessible.

4. Engaging and Varied Learning Tools: The course features videos, readings, interactive discussions, and hands-on exercises, addressing different learning preferences and keeping the learning experience dynamic and exciting.

5. Current and Relevant Material: Our digital platform allows for swift updates to course content, ensuring that all information is current and relevant, especially crucial in the ever-evolving field of substance abuse counseling.

6. Practical Skill Application: The online structure enables immediate application of learned skills in current professional or personal contexts, allowing for real-time integration of new knowledge and abilities.

7. Individualized Pace: Learners have the autonomy to progress through the course at their speed, revisiting more complex subjects as necessary, which can lead to better understanding and longer retention of course material.

8. Recognized Certification: Upon completion, participants receive digital certification or badges, easily addable to professional profiles, resumes, or portfolios. This showcases their dedication to ongoing professional development and skill enhancement.

Advance your career with our EECO Substance Abuse Counseling for Families and Significant Others CASAC Training Course– a convenient choice and a transformative step in personal and professional growth.

Would you be ready to make a real difference?

Join us on this enriching path forward!

A family sits together they appear happy because they have been recieiving family substance use disorder counseling from trained drug counselors.

…Overall, I feel that the way the modules were set up made a lot of sense, especially with how they built off each other. The pacing was also pretty well done, I never felt overwhelmed, and I did pretty well on the tests overall, even with the areas I struggled in.

Zachary Stamp

Graduate and CASAC Studies

I am so proud that I chose Educational Enhancement to start my journey as a counselor. You did a great job. I highly recommend your services! Your professionalism and prompt response to my various questions made this process simple! Thank you very much!

Jacqueline Nieves-DeLaPaz

Graduate and CASAC Studies

Discover a transformative path in addiction counseling with our Substance Abuse Counseling for Families and Significant Others CASAC Training Course. This comprehensive program is expertly designed to equip counselors with the skills and knowledge needed to support families navigating the complexities of substance abuse effectively.

Whether you’re new to the field or looking to deepen your expertise, this course offers a rich blend of practical tools, empathetic approaches, and the latest in evidence-based practices. Emphasize the holistic nature of addiction treatment and gain valuable insights into family dynamics, codependency, and effective intervention strategies. Enroll now and join a community of professionals committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and families affected by substance abuse.

Start your journey towards professional excellence with Educational Enhancement CASAC Online today.

Enroll now in our Substance Abuse Counseling for Families and Significant Others CASAC Training Course.

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