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Enroll Today in Our Comprehensive Substance Use Counseling Course—Group Counseling for Addiction Treatment Providers

OASAS-Approved CASAC Section 2 Addiction Counselor Course


Unlock Your Potential in Addiction Counseling: Enroll In Our Group Counseling for Addiction Treatment Today. 

Enhance Your Counseling Expertise: Discover Advanced Techniques in Group Counseling, Explore Various Formats, Understand Ethical Standards, and Adopt Best Practices for Group Environments.

Advance your career with our dynamic online addiction counseling course.

Dive into the latest addiction theories and evidence-based interventions—master group counseling techniques in addiction treatment to support recovery journeys confidently.

Make an immediate impact in the field. Enroll now and receive 30 hours towards CASAC or NAADAC Renewal.

Addiction Counselor Education and Training

Online CASAC Section 2:

Group Counseling In Addiction Treatment

Unlock Your Potential as a Substance Abuse Counselor and Make a Difference in People’s Lives

Are you ready to dive into the heart of addiction recovery?

Our Introduction to Group Counseling for Addiction Treatment training is just the ticket you need.

Plus, you’ll receive 30 Credits towards CASAC or NAADAC Renewal

Think of this as more than just a course.

It’s your chance to become a beacon of hope, an architect of new beginnings.

You’re not just going to be a counselor but the person who reaches out and pulls someone back from the edge.

Each lesson is packed with real, raw knowledge and the kind of empathy that can genuinely make a difference.

You’re going to learn how to piece back together lives shattered by addiction.

So, are you in? Whether you are a fresh face or a seasoned pro looking to up your game, this journey is for you.

This isn’t just about learning; it’s about transforming.

It’s about taking your passion for change and turning it into a force that can heal hearts and minds.

Join us.

Let’s shake things up and show the world what real change looks like.

This is your moment to leave a mark that lasts forever.

Let’s do this!

Rise above the fray, enhance your expertise, and become the catalyst for change you were meant to be.

Embrace this Introduction to Group Counseling course and step into a career where every challenge is a call to greatness.

But you don’t have to settle for mediocrity. With EECO OASAS-Approved CASAC Training, Introduction to Group Counseling for Addiction Treatment course, you’ll gain the essential knowledge, skills, and ethical guidance necessary for a successful and responsible career in substance abuse counseling.

Dive into our OASAS Section 2, addiction counseling course: Introduction to Group Counseling for Addiction Treatment.

A group of CASAC training students practice group counseling during drug counselor certificate programs online.

I found the training to be not only interesting but informative and helpful. I love the recovery field; therefore, I enjoy learning and did well with the training. As a visual learner, I respond well to visual teaching; therefore, the pre-recorded videos and added resources benefited me. I could download the workbooks and follow along with the videos while taking notes. I also liked repeating the questions in the final exam because the repetitive questions from previous tests helped me learn.

Melinda Zox Stewart

Mental health; recovery field, The PAC Program

Online CASAC Section 2: Introduction to Group Counseling

Upon completing this course, students will be able to identify, utilize, and explain the following areas of the counseling profession based on an
understanding of the following:

1. Theories and models of counseling

2. Counselor characteristics and behavior influence the counseling process

3. Theoretical foundations of group counseling and group work

4. Dynamics associated with group process and development

5. Therapeutic factors and how they contribute to group effectiveness

6. Characteristics and functions of influential group leaders

7. Approaches to group formation, including recruiting, screening, and selecting members

8. Types of groups and other considerations affect conducting groups in varied settings

9. Ethical and culturally relevant strategies for designing and facilitating groups

10. Direct experiences in which students participate as group members in a small group activity, approved by the program

Enroll today and unlock the key to successful substance use counseling!

I learned so much, from cultural diversity training to professional development. I work as a 1st responder, and the different things I read about and watched videos of helped me be more patient with colleagues and callers needing assistance.

— Josette Beckles

First Responder

This was a very comprehensive course, that seemed to cover every conceivable nuance related to being an Addictions Counselor. I say this as someone who has gone through the entire certification process once before, and as someone who has spent a few years working in the field in various roles.

— James Flynn

CRPA, RCP, & CASAC 350 Graduate

Online OASAS Approved CASAC Section 2

Introduction to Group Counseling in Addiction Treatment

Taking the Introduction to Group Counseling for Addiction Treatment course offers several benefits for drug counselors:


1. Enhanced Skill Set: Drug counselors will gain specialized skills in group counseling, essential for effectively managing and facilitating group therapy sessions in addiction treatment.


2. Understanding Group Dynamics: The course provides insights into group dynamics’ complexities, helping counselors better understand and navigate the varied interactions and behaviors within a group setting.

3. Evidence-Based Strategies: Counselors will learn about the latest evidence-based strategies and interventions in group counseling, ensuring their approaches are grounded in current research and best practices.


4. Improved Client Outcomes: With improved counseling techniques, counselors can offer more effective support, potentially leading to better client recovery outcomes.


5. Professional Development: Completing the course contributes to the counselor’s professional development, keeping their skills fresh and relevant, and may also fulfill continuing education requirements.


6. Networking Opportunities: This course can connect counselors with peers and experts in the field, offering valuable networking opportunities and exchanging ideas.


7. Increased Confidence: With a deeper understanding and new techniques, counselors may feel more confident in their ability to facilitate group therapy and handle various challenges in addiction treatment.


8. Versatility in Treatment Approaches: The course can broaden counselors’ range of treatment modalities, making them more versatile and adaptable.


Elevate your counseling game with our comprehensive course.

You’ll be equipped with the most up-to-date resources. Think about how this training can significantly improve the quality of drug treatment.

Online learning offers several benefits that can enhance your personal and professional growth.

You can:

  • Achieve a healthier balance between studies and personal life for an ideal school-life equilibrium.
  • Benefit from the convenience of online learning, adapting your education to your pace and existing schedule.
  • Access high-quality education from any location, enhancing learning flexibility and convenience.

Enroll today in our comprehensive OASAS-approved CASAC Section 2: Introduction to Group Counseling for Substance Use Treatment Course and confidently work as a CASAC in NYS.


Introduction to Group Counseling in Substance Use Treatment Program

Course Curriculum | Table of Contents

Module 1: Introduction An Overview of Group Counseling

  1. Group Counseling: How It Works
  2. Therapeutic Factors of Group Counseling
  3. Benefits of Group Counseling
  4. Disadvantages of Group Counseling
  5. Assumptions of Group Members
  6. Confidentiality in Group Counseling

Module 2: Group Counseling Leadership and Facilitation

  1. Role of the Facilitator
  2. Group Facilitators Skills
  3. Co-leading Groups
  4. Building Motivation

Module 3: Structure of a Group Counseling Sessions

Module 4: Group Counseling Modalities

  1. Psycho-educational groups
  2. Skills development groups
  3. Cognitive-behavioral groups
  4. Support groups
  5. Interpersonal process groups

Module 5. Defining Group Dynamics

Three group dynamics in practice:

  1. Individually focused groups
  2. Interpersonally focused groups
  3. The group as a whole or focused groups

Module 6. Specialized Groups in Substance Use Treatment

  1. Relapse prevention
  2. Communal and Culturally Specific Groups
  3. Expressive Groups
  4. Solution-Focused Groups

Module 7: Maintaining Group Cohesiveness and Interventions

Module 8: Addressing Common Problems and Avoiding Common Mistakes

Module 9: Summary

Take EECO Introduction to Group Counseling for Addiction Treatment online and improve the quality of your client engagement.

What you get when you take this course online: 

1. Learn on Your Terms: With online training, you’re in the driver’s seat. Study at your own pace and fit learning around your work and family life.

2. Accessibility: Say goodbye to commuting. This training is as mobile as you are, perfect for those in remote areas or anyone who needs education to come to them.

3. Cost-Effectiveness: More affordable than traditional classes, online courses save you cash on tuition, travel, and living expenses.

4. Your Space, Your Pace: Study where you feel most comfortable. It’s all about creating a learning space that lets you soak up knowledge like a sponge.

5. Gain Tech-Savvy Skills: Navigating online platforms isn’t just about learning your course material. It’s about beefing up those digital skills that are oh-so-crucial today.

6. Networking: Dive into forums and chat groups. Connect with fellow students and pros in the field. It’s learning and networking rolled into one.

7. Work-Life Balance: Juggling studies with life? No sweat. Online learning means you don’t have to be in a physical classroom, easing stress and boosting your well-being. 

8. Up-to-date Content: Forget outdated textbooks. Our online content is always up-to-date, ensuring you learn the latest and greatest in your field.

9. Self-Discipline and Responsibility: Online learning isn’t just about what you learn. It’s about how you learn. Hello, self-discipline and motivation – skills that pay off in every area of life.

By providing a flexible, accessible, and often more affordable way to learn, online training can significantly enhance the educational experience and improve students’ overall quality of life.

A group of CASAC training students practice group counseling during drug counselor certificate programs online.


Commit to professional development. Effective addiction counseling requires you to stay up-to-date with the latest substance use research and the most relevant clinical theories and interventions.

Register and begin the Introduction to Group Counseling Addiction Counselor course.

Enroll now and elevate your career to new heights with Educational Enhancement CASAC Online.

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