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Enroll Today in Our Comprehensive Addiction Counseling Course—Integrated Care for Addiction Counselors

OASAS-Approved CASAC Section 2 Addiction Counselor Course


Empower Your Addiction Counseling Career:

Join Our Integrated Care for Addiction Counselors

Boost Your Counseling Skills: Explore the Significance of Integrated Care in Addiction Counseling.

Elevate your professional journey with our interactive online course in addiction counseling. Immerse yourself in cutting-edge addiction theories and evidence-based practices. Gain a deeper insight into integrated care’s role in the holistic science of recovery.

Register today and start making a meaningful difference in your field.


Addiction Counselor Education and Training

Online CASAC Section 2:

Integrated Care for Addiction Counselors

Empower Your Career in Substance Abuse Counseling and Positively Impact Lives

Get to the Heart of Addiction Recovery with Integrated Care.

Dive into our Integrated Care for Addiction Counselors course and unlock the door to truly impactful work in addiction recovery.

You’re not just signing up for a course; you’re earning 10 Credits towards CASAC or NAADAC Renewal and starting a journey that will change lives – including your own.

This course is more than an education; it’s a call to become a beacon of hope in a world that desperately needs it.

You’ll be equipped to offer the crucial support that makes all the difference for those struggling on the edge.

Our lessons are rich with the knowledge and empathy you need to piece back together lives touched by addiction. It’s about understanding the person, not just the problem.

Whether you’re just starting or a seasoned pro looking to deepen your impact, this course is for you.

This isn’t just about learning – it’s about transforming. It’s about taking your passion for change and molding it into a force for healing hearts and minds.

Come on board. Be part of a revolution in addiction treatment, where integrated care isn’t just a buzzword but the backbone of our approach.

Your chance to leave a lasting mark in the field is right here.

Elevate your skills, embrace your role as a change-maker, and redefine what it means to make a difference in addiction counseling.


Break away from the ordinary.

Embark on a rewarding career path in substance abuse counseling with our EECO OASAS-Approved CASAC Training in Integrated Care for Addiction Counselors.

Gain essential knowledge, hone your skills, and embrace ethical practices essential for success in the field.

Begin your transformative journey with our OASAS CASAC Section 2 course, Integrated Care for Addiction Counselors, and take the first step today.

In addiction counselor online training, you will gain the knowledge which will help you to best serve your clients with common medical issues and health consequences which occur due to substance use disorders. The medical issues covered include diabetes, heart disease, and cirrhosis.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to complete these courses on my own time – some days, I can dedicate 8-10 hours, and some days, I cannot log on at all. Not having to present to a “scheduled class” on a particular day at a set time makes it so much more convenient to meet the requirements, and I cannot thank you enough for creating this program and these courses

Coleen M Jackson

Vocational Counselor, Helio Health

Online CASAC Section 2: Integrated Care for Addiction Counselors

Our Integrated Care addiction counselor course is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge in several key areas related to integrated care for addiction counselors.

  • Gain an understanding of the medical issues and health consequences commonly associated with Substance Use Disorders (SUD), including physical diseases, mental health disorders, and the effects of chemical substances on the body.
  • The significance of interpreting diagnostic reports from laboratory tests is also covered, equipping counselors to understand and utilize these reports effectively.
  • Integrated care service delivery within the continuum of care, highlighting the importance of referring clients to appropriate medical personnel and understanding how medical consultation and treatment support the recovery process.
  • Mastery of Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT).
  • Identify co-occurring mental health disorders by recognizing their signs and symptoms.
  • The importance of referring clients to appropriate mental health personnel and exploring how mental health consultation and treatment can be integral to supporting recovery.

EECO Integrated Care addiction counseling course equips addiction counselors with knowledge of medical and mental health issues related to SUD so you can provide a holistic approach during addiction treatment.

Enroll today and unlock the key to successful substance use counseling!

I learned so much, from cultural diversity training to professional development. I work as a 1st responder, and the different things I read about and watched videos of helped me be more patient with colleagues and callers needing assistance.

— Josette Beckles

First Responder

My stepsons’ struggles with drugs and alcohol ended badly. So, I decided to become a
CASAC addiction counselor to make a difference. I was fortunate to discover Educational
Enhancement’s online addiction counseling training. Their mission is to “ENCOURAGE.
EDUCATE. EMPOWER.” And, they exceeded their promise with an approved, web-based
education and training program that embraces learning principles. It made learning fun and
efficient.  Their training included modules containing
workbooks, PDFs, links to resources, and videos. And their test questions helped me feel
prepared to pass the CASAC exam. Thanks to their support, I completed my
coursework ahead of schedule.
I’ve spent a substantial portion of my career in the knowledge business, teaching college and
grad students, accountants, and attorneys. Additionally, as a director of training and
development for my Behavioral Consulting firm, I’ve trained many employees. So, I’m
speaking from experience when I say that Maria Mendez, John Makohen, and their Educational
Enhancement team is doing a great job changing the world — one addiction counselor at a
time. BRAVO!

— Burton M. Fischler


As an individual who is not currently working in the addiction field (although I do have experience with addiction recovery methods), I cannot say enough about the online CASAC (350 Hours) that is offered by Educational Enhancement. And of course, the excellence and professionalism that all of the staff bring to the experience. From the very first time I reached out to inquire about the program, John Makohen consistently returned my email questions on a timely basis (which, as many of us know, doesn’t always happen these days). Then, John, Maria Mendez, and my mentor Sheila Mashack, went above and beyond to ensure that I was streamlined into the program. They understood my “nervousness” and desire to learn as much as I could about addiction counseling while working full time – and this hybrid model was very thorough and in-depth. What I loved the best about the program, is that it could be done online, on my availability, so that I could continue to work full time at my current job and then, in the evenings, hop into each module at my own pace. They were always there to answer any questions that I had on the modules too. I was truly impressed with the depth of this program and the time and effort that the creators have put into it, to ensure we students become familiar with what it takes to be an addiction counselor. I also enjoy our monthly meetings and getting to hear from the other students that are in my cohort. It gives me a good perspective on what’s going on in the field today and also alleviated any doubts I might have about learning and growing in the field as I continue on. I feel supported – even though I live 2.5 hours away from the NYC area – and I am so grateful that I found this tremendous program online. It’s a gift! If you are an Adult Learner and know that you can be disciplined to take online courses at your own pace, are ready for an in-depth study, but don’t want to feel “alone” – Educational Enhancement’s CASAC (350 Hours) is for you!

— Margaret Reinold

Mental Health / Recovery Field

I recently finished OASAS CASAC Section 4 with Educational Enhancement CASAC online. The distance learning classes are wonderfully written and easy to understand, and you can feel the passion for helping others succeed put into this work. When I asked questions about the information, Johnny was quick to reply and help me out. The trainings were set up to work at my speed -between work and school. The information went above and beyond and was taught in a way that sticks in your mind. Thank you.
I will come back for renewal hours once I’m a CASAC.

— Allie Patat

CASAC Student

Online OASAS Approved CASAC Section 2:
Integrated Care for Addiction Counselors

Taking the Integrated Care for Addiction Counselors Course offers several benefits for drug counselors:


1. Holistic Understanding of Addiction:  The course provides a comprehensive view of addiction, incorporating medical and psychological aspects crucial for effective treatment. Understand the various effects of substance use on the body, covering HIV and AIDS, STDs, TB, Hepatitis B and C, and other infectious diseases, with a focus on harm reduction and prevention strategies.

2. Enhanced Treatment Approaches: Counselors will learn integrated care strategies, combining various therapeutic approaches to better address the multifaceted nature of addiction.

3. Improved Client Outcomes: By applying integrated care principles, counselors can offer more effective and personalized treatment plans, leading to better client recovery outcomes.

4. Professional Development: This training is a valuable addition to a counselor’s professional portfolio, demonstrating a commitment to the latest practices in addiction treatment.

5. Increased Knowledge of Co-occurring Disorders: The course often covers the treatment of co-occurring mental health disorders, a common aspect in substance abuse cases.

6. Greater Job Satisfaction:  By expanding their skills and improving their ability to help clients, counselors may find greater fulfillment and motivation in their work.

7. Meeting Certification Requirements: For many counselors, such courses are part of continuing education requirements to maintain their certification. 

8. Adaptability in Treatment Settings: The knowledge gained from an integrated care approach is applicable in various settings, making counselors more versatile in their practice.

9. Staying Current with Industry Trends: Ongoing education ensures counselors remain current with the latest addiction treatment trends and developments.


Take your counseling skills to the next level with our in-depth course.

Joining the Integrated Care for Addiction Counselors, course equips you with cutting-edge tools and knowledge in the field, significantly enhancing the drug treatment services you offer.

Discover how online learning can revolutionize your personal development and career progression.

With our course, you’ll enjoy:

  • A harmonious balance between study and personal life, maximizing your overall effectiveness.
  • The convenience of online learning allows you to mold your education around your lifestyle.
  • Access to high-quality education from any location, making learning accessible and straightforward.

Take the leap now. Enroll in our extensive OASAS-approved CASAC Section 2: Integrated Care for Addiction Counselors Course. Arm yourself with the expertise and qualifications needed to thrive as a CASAC in New York State.

Integrated Care for Addiction Counselors

Course Curriculum | Table of Contents

Module 1: Introduction to Integrated Care of SUD Tx

Module 2: Addiction and Health

Module 3: NYS OASAS Integrated Services

Module 4: Evidenced-Based Models of Integrated SUD Tx

Module 5: The Importance of Integrated Care in Fighting Opioid Use Disorder

Module 6: Integrated Care and Comorbid and Mental Health Disorders

Module 6A: Understanding the Relationship Between COVID-19 and Substance Use

Module 7: Integrated Care Viral Infections and Addiction Treatment

Module 8: SBRIT Training for Integrated CARE

Module 9: Summary Integrated Care Means for SUD Treatment

Taking the EECO Integrated Care for Addiction Counselors Course online improves your personal and professional life by:

1. Unmatched Flexibility:  Study at your convenience, whether early morning or late night, and tailor your learning to your lifestyle.

2. Accessibility for All: Whether you’re in a remote location or busy at home, our course eliminates the need for commuting, bringing education to your doorstep.

3. Economical Learning: Save money without expensive textbooks or travel expenses – focus purely on your education.

4. Personalized Learning Environment:  Study in a space that’s all yours, whether with a coffee mug in hand or in your favorite chair.

5. Enhanced Digital Literacy: Gain valuable tech skills alongside your addiction counseling studies, which is essential in today’s digital age.

6. Work-Life-Study Balance:  Integrate your studies seamlessly with your work and personal life without the hassle of juggling multiple responsibilities.

7. No More Juggling Act: Balancing work, life, and studies? Our online course fits into your life, not the other way around.

8. Up-to-date Course Material: Stay informed with the latest, most relevant course content.

9. Character Development:  Cultivate essential life skills like self-discipline and responsibility that go beyond the classroom.

Step forward in your field with the EECO Integrated Care for Addiction Counselors course that’s more than just convenient – it’s transformative for personal and professional development.

Are you ready to truly make an impact?

Join us, and let’s embark on this journey together!

In addiction counselor online training, you will gain the knowledge which will help you to best serve your clients with common medical issues and health consequences which occur due to substance use disorders. The medical issues covered include diabetes, heart disease, and cirrhosis.

…Overall, I feel that the way the modules were set up made a lot of sense, especially with how they built off each other. The pacing was also pretty well done, I never felt overwhelmed, and I did pretty well on the tests overall, even with the areas I struggled in.

Zachary Stamp

Graduate and CASAC Studies

Advance your professional growth in addiction counseling by embracing integrated care. Staying abreast of the latest substance use research and the need for medical and mental health services available to your clients.

Enroll in the Integrated Care for Addiction Counselors course to enhance your skills and expertise. This training is a key step in your career development, offering you the tools to provide comprehensive, holistic care and achieve new heights in your profession.

Start your journey towards professional excellence with Educational Enhancement CASAC Online. today.


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