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Elevate Your Impact in Addiction Counseling with Our Expert-Led Training. Deepen Your Knowledge of the Recurrence of Symptoms / Relapse Prevention.

Accredited by OASAS, our CASAC Section 2 Substance Abuse Counselor Course is meticulously crafted for passionate counselors like you seeking to transform lives affected by addiction.


Boost Your Counseling Skills:

This training will help you understand the Recurrence of Symptoms and Relapse Prevention Strategies used in early recovery from addiction.

Join Our Course: A Stepping Stone to Becoming an Influential Force in Addiction Counseling.

Enroll now and get 15 Hours towards CASAC or NAADAC Renewal or to start your profound professional and personal fulfillment journey in addiction counseling.

Addiction Counselor Education and Training

Online CASAC Section 2:

Recurrence of Symptoms / Relapse Prevention
Substance Abuse Counselor Training Course

Empower Your Career in Substance Abuse Counseling and Positively Impact Lives

Get to the Heart of Addiction Recovery with Recurrence of Symptoms / Relapse Prevention Substance Abuse Counselor.

Dive into our Recurrence of Symptoms / Relapse Prevention Substance Abuse Counselor Training Course and unlock the door to genuinely impactful work in addiction recovery.

You’re not just signing up for a course; you’re earning 15 Credits towards CASAC or NAADAC Renewal and starting a journey that will change lives – including your own.

This program is more than just educational – it’s a journey to becoming a ray of hope in a world in dire need.

You will gain the skills to provide vital support, crucial for those teetering on the brink.

Our curriculum is infused with understanding and compassion, designed to rebuild lives impacted by addiction, focusing on the individual beyond their struggles.

Ideal for both newcomers and experienced counselors aiming to amplify their influence, this course is tailored for you.

This journey transcends mere learning; it’s a transformation. It channels your drive for positive change into a powerful tool for healing.

Join us in leading a movement in addiction care, where holistic treatment is the cornerstone of our philosophy.

You can use this opportunity to make an indelible impact in the field.

Enhance your abilities, step into your power as an agent of change, and revolutionize the impact of addiction counseling.


Break away from the ordinary.

Embark on a rewarding career path in substance abuse counseling with our EECO OASAS-Approved CASAC Training in Integrated Care for Addiction Counselors.

Gain essential knowledge, hone your skills, and embrace ethical practices essential for success in the field.

Begin your transformative journey with our OASAS CASAC Section 2 course, Recurrence of Symptoms / Relapse Prevention Substance Abuse Counselor, and take the first step today.

Transform Lives with Our Cutting-Edge Online CASAC Section 2:

Recurrence of Symptoms / Relapse Prevention

Substance Abuse Counselor Training Course

Two gears Gears working together as a symbol of relapse prevention online addiction counselor training

This course has been intense but informative. I appreciate the support and the opportunity to take your course. It was worth all my energy and time.

Kimberley Hernandez

CASAC 350 Student

I recommend this very informative training to others in the field. I appreciate the scope of its content. I have worked as both an addiction counselor and therapist and think that training like this would also be of great help to more types of workers in mental health.

James Wells

CASAC 350 Student

Dive deep into the heart of addiction recovery.

Our course meticulously covers every aspect of relapse prevention in addiction treatment, equipping you to become a guiding force in your client’s journey.

You’ll learn to:

  • Unravel the complex residual effects of substance use and their role in symptom recurrence and relapse.
  • Master the art of recognizing subtle signs of relapse in clients, a skill crucial for timely intervention.
  • Assess risk factors with precision, paving the way for robust recovery support tailored to each individual.
  • Educate and empower clients to understand and acknowledge their signs and symptoms, fostering self-awareness and resilience.
  • Step in effectively during the critical phases of symptom recurrence, guiding clients back to recovery.
  • Craft comprehensive prevention plans addressing the nuanced dynamics of relapse.

Join us in shaping the future of addiction counseling. With our course, you’re not just learning – you’re preparing to make a lasting difference in the lives touched by addiction.

EECO Recurrence of Symptoms / Relapse Prevention Substance Abuse Counselor Training Course equips addiction counselors with knowledge of medical and mental health issues related to SUD so you can provide a holistic approach during addiction treatment.

Enroll today and unlock the key to successful substance abuse counseling!

The entire training was proper, but I liked that you included audio and visual components. I also liked that you shared several resources and that they will be available going forward as I progress in my hands-on training and career. Of course, the fact that the training was primarily self-paced was a considerable benefit.

— Hope Holman

CASAC 350 Graduate

The CASAC 350 Addiction Counselor Training program stands out for its asynchronous learning format, offering unmatched convenience and flexibility. This approach has made it incredibly easy to integrate training into a busy schedule, allowing learners to engage with the course materials at their own pace and on their terms. The toxicology portion was an area I wasn’t very familiar with, and this course provided a thorough foundation to build upon.

— Katie McGovern

CASAC 350 Graduate

This course masterfully presented its content with clarity and precision, making the learning process enjoyable and effective. The quizzes, strategically designed with thought-provoking questions, were crucial in cementing my understanding. They reinforced the material and brilliantly prepared me for the final exams. This harmonious blend of teaching and testing has dramatically deepened my grasp of the subject matter.

— Faith Martell

CASAC 350 Graduate

The most impactful aspect of this course was the wealth of informative videos. Their relevance and clarity were unparalleled, making the learning process engaging and effective. Additionally, the ability to review and correct assessments was immensely beneficial. It allowed for a deeper understanding and mastery of the material. The structured approach to reading and absorbing information solidified my learning, making the entire experience educational and truly transformative.

—Ashley Hernandez

CASAC 350 Graduate

Online OASAS Approved CASAC Section 2:

Recurrence of Symptoms / Relapse Prevention Substance Abuse Counselor Training Course


Taking a Recurrence of Symptoms / Relapse Prevention Substance Abuse Counselor Training Course offers significant benefits for drug counselors in various ways:


1. Enhanced Skill Set in Relapse Prevention: The course deepens understanding of relapse dynamics, enabling counselors to prevent and address the recurrence of symptoms in clients more effectively.

2. Improved Client Outcomes: Armed with specialized training, counselors can better guide clients through recovery, reducing the likelihood of relapse and fostering long-term sobriety.

3. Increased Professional Competency: This training enriches a counselor’s professional toolkit, making them more adept at handling complex cases involving relapse risks.

4. Greater Confidence in Clinical Practice: With a thorough grasp of relapse prevention strategies, counselors can approach their work with greater confidence and assurance.

5. Holistic Understanding of Addiction: It provides a more comprehensive view of addiction as a chronic condition, enabling a deeper understanding of the long-term journey of recovery.

6. Career Advancement Opportunities: Specialized knowledge in relapse prevention can open doors for career growth, including potential for higher positions and specialized roles in addiction counseling.

7. Personal Fulfillment: Helping clients successfully navigate the challenges of recovery and relapse prevention can be deeply rewarding and fulfilling on a personal level.

8. Building Trust with Clients: Training in this area can enhance the trust and rapport between counselor and client, as it demonstrates a commitment to supporting clients through every stage of their recovery journey.

Take your addiction counseling skills to the next level with our in-depth course.

Joining the Recurrence of Symptoms / Relapse Prevention Substance Abuse Counselor Training Course equips you with cutting-edge tools and knowledge in the field, significantly enhancing the drug treatment services you offer.

Discover how online learning can revolutionize your personal development and career progression.

With our course, you’ll enjoy:

  • A harmonious balance between study and personal life, maximizing your overall effectiveness.
  • The convenience of online learning allows you to mold your education around your lifestyle.
  • Access to high-quality education anywhere, making learning accessible and straightforward.

Enroll in our extensive OASAS-approved CASAC Section 2: Crisis Management in Substance Abuse Counseling. Arm yourself with the expertise and qualifications needed to thrive as a CASAC in New York State.

Recurrence of Symptoms / Relapse Prevention Substance Abuse Counselor Training Course

Course Curriculum | Table of Contents

Module 1: Introduction to Relapse Prevention

Module 2: Myths and Facts

Module 3: The Stages of Change

Module 4: Alan Marlatt’s Model

Module 5: Terry Gorski Relapse Prevention Model

Module 6: Important Principles of RPT

Module 7: The Stages of Recovery & Relapse

Module 8: What Causes Relapse?

Module 9: Process of Relapse across Five Perspectives 

Module 10: The Five Rules of Recovery

Module 11: Summary of Recurrence of Symptoms

Enroll in the EECO Recurrence of Symptoms / Relapse Prevention Substance Abuse Counselor Training Course and transform both your personal and professional journey through:

1. Empowered Flexibility: Tailor your learning to match your rhythm – dawn’s first light or midnight quiet.

2. Boundless Learning Opportunities: Embrace education from any corner of the world, right in the comfort of your home, breaking free from the bounds of travel.

3. Economical Advancement: Channel your resources directly into learning, free from the burdens of additional costs for textbooks and travel.

4. Personalized Learning Haven: Craft your learning sanctuary, whether a café corner or your tranquil home space.

5. Technological Edge: Alongside your addiction counseling studies, elevate your digital prowess, a critical skill in our tech-first era.

6. Harmonious Learning-Life Balance: Seamlessly integrate your educational pursuits with your personal and professional spheres, alleviating the strain of juggling multiple roles.

7. Seamless Life Integration: Our course gracefully aligns with your life’s rhythm, ensuring a harmonious blend with every aspect of your daily existence.

8. Up-to-the-Minute Curriculum: Stay at the forefront of your field with access to the latest and most pertinent educational materials.

9. Beyond Academics – Personal Mastery: Forge essential life competencies such as self-discipline and responsibility, transcending the bounds of traditional learning.

Advance your career with our EECO Recurrence of Symptoms / Relapse Prevention Substance Abuse Counselor Training Course– a convenient choice and a transformative step in personal and professional growth.

Would you be ready to make a real difference?

Join us on this enriching path forward!

Two gears Gears working together as a symbol of relapse prevention online addiction counselor training

…Overall, I feel that the way the modules were set up made a lot of sense, especially with how they built off each other. The pacing was also pretty well done, I never felt overwhelmed, and I did pretty well on the tests overall, even with the areas I struggled in.

Zachary Stamp

Graduate and CASAC Studies

Advance your professional growth in addiction counseling by embracing integrated care. Staying abreast of the latest substance use research and the need for medical and mental health services available to your clients.

Enroll in the Recurrence of Symptoms / Relapse Prevention Substance Abuse Counselor Training Course

 to enhance your skills and expertise. This training is a crucial step in your career development, offering you the tools to provide comprehensive, holistic care and achieve new heights in your profession.

Start your journey towards professional excellence with Educational Enhancement CASAC Online today.

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